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Smart Manufacturing Planning and Consulting


With nearly 30 years of Smart Manufacturing experience in Germany and the United States and the achievements of over 200 various factory projects, Metal Data conducted factory Smart Manufacturing consulting. At present, the industries with project experience include material forming process and equipment, multi-level computer control system (basic automation + model-based process optimization + MES + ERP), electronic manufacturing and chip manufacturing. Related business areas span processes, products, equipment, automation, models, software, artificial intelligence and so on. We have Smart Manufacturing in both traditional industries and emerging industries. The clients of technical consulting are spread across several continents, such as Evraz Oregon Steel, a multinational company in the United States and Canada, Tesla Corporation, Nucor Corporation and former AS&W company in the United States, DFG in Germany, POSCO in South Korea, NISCO, Tiannuo, Shagang, TISCO, Baosteel, BYD, TCL, Guangye, Shenzhen Quality Institute, BGI, Weifu Kaldentin and Bougward cars, etc. These do not include companies such as Morgan and Cascade, who used to work full-time in the United States. The specific diagnosis, planning and consulting are as follows.

1. Technical Consulting based on Existing Project Cases

More than 200 projects have been introduced in the project cases section of this website. These large number of completed projects are distributed in various fields of engineering, such as new energy, new materials, high-end equipment, advanced manufacturing and other fields. Under the scenario of each project case, high-quality technical consulting can be conducted for customers.

The 200 projects have accumulated more than ten technical schemes and experience. It can carry out technology upgrading and technology development for enterprises. The size of the project depends on the technological upgrading needs of the enterprise and the bearing capacity of the enterprise. While upgrading digital manufacturing and Smart Manufacturing based on the existing data collection status of the enterprise, offline model is also adopted. It also conducted finite element simulation or finite difference method simulation. Even according to the needs of enterprises, optimization in broader fields such as lean manufacturing is carried out. In terms of Smart Manufacturing, using our engineering modeling, machine learning and intelligent system architecture, as well as soft sensing technology, we can improve the technical level of enterprises. For example, the model accuracy in steel induustry can lead the world, and the technical consulting of the main designer to the the lithium battery manufacturing enterprise can greatly optimize the production process of lithium battery manufacturing.

2. Technical Consulting based on Existing Software/APP

Metal Data has developed a long list of software packages or online APPs to solve field problems. They can be summarized as MOSES. Primarily it develops Level 2 system (MOS Manufacturing Optimization System) and integrates MES (E) and ERP data, and production Supervisory system (S) to solve the problem. One of the MOSES systems is the Defect Early Warning System to reduce defect and so increase earnings. The way to achieve MOSES is based on the established models.

The enterprise system needs the integration of basic automation, intelligent system (Level 2), and digital system (MES/ERP), to achieve optimized automation.

The four major areas of business that must be completed to realize Smart Manufacturing are: first, ensure that mechanical equipment can realize automatic adjustment; Secondly, ensure the feasibility and accuracy of data acquisition; The third is to ensure that the intelligent system (Level 2) can handle the model, logic and various scenes well; Finally, the integration of intelligent system (Level 2) with basic automation (primary system), MES (tertiary system) and ERP is realized.

Through flexible application and appropriate expansion of our existing software /APP, the cost performance of the consulting project can be greatly improved. In the architecture of the software systems of MOSES, Metal Data has developed dozens of large and small software systems /APP. See Technical Consulting based on existing software/APP for discussion in multiple directions.

3. Technical Consulting during the Construction of Smart Manufacturing Line

The main problem in construction of Smart Manufacturing line lies in, that the intelligent system is at moment often ignored, and the system is run without necessary intelligence. The losses caused by misunderstanding of Smart Manufacturing are quite large.

For example, when building a Smart Manufacturing production line, only (1) advanced mechanical equipment, (2) basic automation control, (3) MES and ERP, are built. It is mistakenly regarded as an Smart Manufacturing production line. There is a lack of intelligent system (Level 2) between MES and basic automation. Due to the lack of intelligent system, this kind of intelligent production line can only be operated by engineers. Operators have considerable difficulties in facing the problems of the production line, while they don't know how to turn a large amount of data on the data board into measures that should be taken to solve the problems.

Usually the intelligent production line costs tens of millions of US Dollar. If it can not form a return soon, it would easily drag the whole factory to death.

Therefore, our consulting should help enterprises avoid such problems and provide solutions, that is, how to provide or construct intelligent systems in time to avoid the above problems.

After selecting the hardware supplier, the enterprise building the intelligent production line should start the development of intelligent system (model and logic system, etc.).

4. Planning based on Diagnosis of Enterprise Technology Status

Many enterprises are in urgent need of upgrading in automation and digitization. It can be diagnosed in advance, produce a technology upgrading plan for the current situation of the enterprise. This customized scheme specially considers the affordability of the enterprise, in case of insufficient funds for enterprise technology upgrading.

5. Overview of technical consulting field

Today's the factories mainly produce micro-alloyed materials with thermechanical processing (higher reduction, lower processing temperature and higher after-processing cooling rate). With addition of micro-alloyed materials (steels, e.g. X80 steels), new-Generation Level 2 system with metallurgical model, intelligent learning and advanced software engineering, is required for such materials manufacturing. The system is also good for high-end equipment. This series, Level 2 Model Optimization and New Product Development, include following articles:

1. Technical Summary
2. Micro-Alloy and Model Modification (1)
3. Micro-Alloy and Model Modification (2)
4. A Simple and Efficient Way to Integrate New Models into Level 2
5. Characteristics and advantages of the model and software (1)
6. Characteristics and advantages of the model and software (2)
7. A New-Generation Level 2 and the development of new products
8. Quality management system for new variety of development (1)
9. Quality management system for new variety of development (2)
10. Advantage and History of New-Generation Level 2 System

6. Overview of technical consulting field

The main business areas are summarized as follows:

See also: Training based on Smart Manufacturing Projects Cases.

7. Diagram of Consulting Business Area

Taking nearly 30 business areas of a large high-end manufacturing company as an example, here are 13 technical advantages of our team to show their applicability in these areas. See Diagram of consulting business area.


8. 15 Detailed Technical Consulting Fields in Emerging Industries


There are 5 categories and 15 technical consulting areas listed here:

See 15 technical consulting fields in emerging industries.

9. Enterprise common system consulting

(1)Management Consulting

Suggestions and standardization consulting are the main business points.

(2)Digital plant planning

Consulting on the top-level design of software architecture, such as the formation of data structure, class and database in software engineering. The consistency of data types can make the data more concise.

(3)Smart Manufacturing planning

See Maturity assessment and Smart Manufacturing planning Special discussion.

(4)Intelligent factory planning

Ensure that intelligent systems are not ignored due to lack of understanding of Smart Manufacturing. Only mechanization, automation and digitization are built, as discussed above.

(5)Digital twin

At the same time, it takes into account the coordination between the digital world described by the model and the real physical world. Based on the engineering modeling of engineering process, products, equipment and automation, as well as a large number of project experience in software fields such as model, software and machine learning, our team has always been in a leading position in the competition of European and American peers.

(6)Digital system

MES: The production process data structure designed based on the advantages of the engineering field and the defect early warning system based on the existing data of the enterprise are one of the advantages of the team.

QMS: Integrate the mature defect early warning system developed by our team into the enterprise's QMS (quality management system) to improve and optimize product quality and reduce defective products.

(7)IOT integration: network interconnection

The system based on the Internet of things is equivalent to the primary system (basic automation system) of the team. Adding models and logic systems (Level 2s) on this is one of the technical advantages of the team. Network security can also be understood as one of the functions of the Level 2.

(8)Advanced manufacturing: intelligent perception

Intelligent control and model LED intelligent perception are one of the technical advantages of our team.

(9)Ecological increment

One of the advantages of our team is to improve data value-added and improve the knowledge and algorithm base based on model and manufacturing logic; Improving the customized model in the industry platform is one of the main business areas of the team.

More detailed documents: 15 common technical consulting areas.

Planning & Consulting

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