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Summary On Smart Manufacturing Projects

Main Technologies

The team's technology upgrading plan and corresponding maturity diagnosis, technology upgrading consultation and technical training. They are based on more than 200 Smart Manufacturing projects completed by members in the past years, based on engineering modeling, machine learning and intelligent system architecture development (scenario application cases, etc.). Various intelligent systems and models at home and abroad completed by team leaders and members. Seven main technologies have been formed:

The project cases based on these main technologies are displayed in this part; The main products thus formed can be seen in the company guide.

Projects Developed By the Team Leader

Various Smart Manufacturing projects developed by team leader Benjamin Li (Li Bing ji) are shown in Table 1.

Benjamin Li:Model / Intelligent System Project


Automatic intelligent system /Technology Library / Quality pack (24)
Automation of material processing &support of model / system ( 5)
Improvement of mechanical properties of products ( 4)
Material processing application software development (15)
Increase of material processing productivity ( 4)
Development of processing process and process specification (11)
Process model development – numerical model ( 9)
Process model development – empirical model (28)
Material processing product shape / product performance and yield improvement ( 5)
Network, material processing, online software and material technology resource development (15)

Table 1: various projects completed by Dr. Li himself (120)

Among those, the key projects is showed in the following Picture 1 below:

(Click to enlarge)
Picture 1: Key projects developed

A Project jointly Developed By Metal Data USA Colleagues

As the leader of Metal Data LLC, Benjamin Li led the team to complete a large number of Smart Manufacturing related projects. The projects completed by the Metal Data US team around the world are shown in the Table 2 below (including the projects completed by team members before joining Metal Data).

US Team: Material Processing Project


Intelligent system development

Intelligent system consultation and optimization

Galvanizing, coating and finishing line

Pickling line

heating furnace

Continuous caster section

Finishing line

Cooling descaling system

Marking and detection system

Rail factory

Type wire rod factory

Medium and heavy plate plant equipment

Rolling equipment factory

Slab plant















Table 2: large scale international projects jointly completed by American Metal Data team (116)

Projects Developed In Emerging Industries In Recent Years

In recent years, while developing various projects of Shenzhen BYD (there are three lithium battery related contracts; at the same time, as a supplier of electric vehicle / lithium battery and cloud Rail Technology), as a consultant, he also participated in the technical development of various projects in the figure below. The team was also invited to give a special lecture on the defect early warning system based on lithium battery for Shenzhen quality month (Lecture in the afternoon and dinner with people from all walks of life in the evening). During this period, he also participated in the development of equipment intelligent system and other projects of AMER Group (the world's top 500) and other enterprises.

(Click to enlarge)

Figure 2: Projects developed in emerging industries in recent years

PPTs to Describe the Projects

Dozens sets of PPTs has been created to describe the onsite projects. From the project list, the developed key projects can be demonstrated. Main business resources of Metal Data team come from the Smart Manufacturing projects completed in Europe, America and Asia in the past 30 years (at the industrial 4.0 level).

Overview Of Business Resources

The main business resources of Metal Data team come from the Smart Manufacturing projects completed in Europe, America and Asia in the past 30 years (at the industrial 4.0 level, including engineering modeling, machine learning and various scenario application cases constituting intelligent systems, etc.); The team members have German engineering doctor and American software doctor, and have worked in manufacturing factories for 30 years! Relevant resources, such as:

  • More than 200 cases of Smart Manufacturing projects completed in Europe, America and Asia

  • More than 100 sets of models related to high-end material processing, including material processing and molding, material processing force and energy demand, microstructure and mechanical properties of products during processing, etc

  • More than 100 sets of models established in new energy and other emerging industries, including slurry mixing, slurry coating, baking, rolling, slitting, winding and volume separation, as well as various customized models involved in the project (such as PI film production), etc

  • The development and optimization of six sets of intelligent systems have a large number of source programs optimized by programming languages (such as FORTRAN to C / C + +), models and logic

  • More than 1 million pages of technical materials  collected and sorted in libraries around the world

  • A large number of scenario application cases

Intelligent System Development Case

Development of new generation Level 2
- Improvement of secondary model in medium and heavy plate coil plant of NISCO
- Improvement of Level 2 model of plate coil plant of Evraz Oregon Steel
- Improving the rolling pass schedule of the secondary model to optimize the plate shape and improve the mechanical properties

Development of Level 2 based on Windows
Development of lithium battery defect early warning system
Development of intelligent system for electronic manufacturing industry
Development of 5G material equipment intelligent system


Model Development Case

Development and application of finite element model for profile hot rolling

Development of Smart Manufacturing model system

Model development related to 5g materials / other high-end materials / high-end equipment


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