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Engineering Services




We have an international team providing engineering services, technology development and equipment supply for the mining and complete heavy metal processing industries.

The highly expertise engineers bring solid expertise in consulting engineering services obtained through more than 100 years of combined experience participation in numerous projects in Canada, USA, Chile, Mexico, Spain, and Bulgaria and other European and Asian countries in the world.

Our innovative approaches to handle integrate engineering services using local and international engineering services allows offering our Clients the following:

  • Multidiscipline engineering services for new plants and modernisation projects in heavy industries in the industry
  • Project management services to complete conceptual and advanced engineering studies as well as detail engineering projects
  • Access to the Best Available Technologies (BAT) to support technology transfer opportunities
  • Unique expertise in hydro-metallurgical and ore processing applications

Our international participation in the implementation of projects in the mining, metallurgical and environmental fields, allows us to identify the cultural requirements for integration of our services and we have successfully worked with companies in:

  • West and East Europe: Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria
  • North America: Mexico, USA, Canada
  • South America: Chile, Peru, Ecuador
  • Asia and South East Asia: Russia, China, Vietnam
  • North Africa: Egypt


  • Work using a hands-on approach to identify our Clients needs for a sound technical implementation of new projects and plant expansions.
  • Offer our Clients the technical services to implement projects in industrial waste water treatment plant, mineral processing and acidic effluent treatment, hydro-metallurgy and environmental related works
  • Promote technology transfer in the metals processing industry.
  • Integrate our technical services with local engineering firms and contracting companies to promote local development.
  • Participate in the supply of equipment for existing and new facilities by offering modular and logistic services.


We have a flexible organisation integrating a multidiscipline project team with a solid expertise in the areas of interest. We offer specialised expertise in metal extraction using new and conventional technologies related to gold processing, precious metals extraction and refining and processing of non-ferrous metals including zinc and copper.

In the environmental field, we offer extensive expertise related to development of effluent treatment plants for gases, liquids, and solids. Our company offers the following technical services as its main line of business:

  • Design and supply of industrial wastewater treatment plants with application of high density solids
  • Mineral processing and transformation technology definition studies with test work and associated reports with the assistance of specialised metallurgical laboratories in Canada and USA
  • Feasibility studies and engineering studies for complete plants, expansion or modernisation projects
  • Design of material handling systems including conveying and storage systems
  • Development of technical specifications for the procurement of process and equipment
  • Special technology for environmental remediation of liquid and solid effluents with the assistance of associate specialists

Special Plant Design

Our Company has direct expertise in the design of the following plant configurations:

  • Resin based metal recovery plants
  • Refineries for gold and precious metals using hydro-metallurgical or pyro-metallurgical methods
  • Hydro-metallurgical plants to treat complex ores
  • Mineral Concentrator plants
  • Copper and Zinc refineries, Gold and Precious Metal Refinery
  • Liquid and solid effluent treatment plants
  • Complete solid-liquid separation and filtration systems
  • Lime manufacturing and lime handling systems
  • Grinding plants, wet and dry installations
  • Cement plant installations
  • Pyro-metallurgical plants - Extensive expertise in engineering design services and construction
  • Copper, zinc, lead, sulphuric acid, slag flotation plants in the Mining industry

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