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We Understand Steel Mill

Mill Auxiliaries

Metal Pass supplies steel rolling mill equipment with mill technological design and know-how supplies for both mill process and mill product developments.

Oil Film Bearing Series

Metal Pass have the high quality low cost solutions for your rolling mills. Metal Pass and its partner possess the oil film bearing manufacturing capability that involves not only manufacturing but research and engineering as well. Our oil film bearing series have been developed and optimized over the decades. Thousands of our integrated bearings have been installed in hot strip mills, cold strip mills, plate mills, slab mills, and high-speed wire rod mills all over the world.

After 2001, digital controlled vertical machine center and milling/boring machines are introduced to elevate our products?finish to the scale of micron with super tolerance, and our oil film bearing?s maximum size is brought up to 2000mm in diameter. Today our products can take 160000kN of load and are able to meet the requirements of plate mills up to 5 meters in width.

Oil film bearings are widely used in the rolling mills where high load, high speed and high precision applications are required, while the ordinary ball bearings usually have short life, high noise and vibration. Oil film bearings are also used increasingly to reduce cost for the mills. In the current CSP mills, oil film bearings are used for almost all the mill stands.

We have an Oil Film Bearing R&D center particularly established for basic theoretical study and new product development, and the institute is facilitated with testing equipment, product design and engineering analysis.

In the followings, a series of the Metal Pass oil film bearings, the technical characteristics, and capacities and size specifications are introduced:

Metal Pass also provides mill auxiliaries by working with varies partners, such as Taiyuan KeDa Heavy Industry Sci &Tech Co., Ltd (China) with good industry references.

See Project References - Mill Equipment for project references.

For a long project reference list, please refer to Equipment for Rolling Mills. See our company and personnel profiles. Please contact us via email bli68@qq.com or by phone (0086) 13400064848 for top quality products and services.


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