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We Understand Steel Mill

Strip Mill Level 2 Systems and Process Models

Metal Pass has developed various versions of the steel mill Level 2 automation systems. The Steel Strip Mill Level 2 has been installed and commissioned in several US steel mills and a Chinese mill. A responsible colleague also supported such a system in USA for many years.

The Hot Strip Mill Level 2 model functions are responsible for calculation of the pass schedule for the following data mainly:

  • Exit thickness for each stand
  • Correction of gap adjustment for each stand with consideration of thermal crown, roll wear, mill stretch, material harness and mill calibration
  • Draft and roll bending for each stand
  • Rolling force, torque and drive power for each stand
  • Rolling threading speed for each stand, mill speed up or down
  • Strip crown and flatness after last stand
  • Looper setup
  • Finishing temperature
  • Descaler setup

Our Level 2 automation system provides supervisory control, tracking, on-line process modeling and reporting for the Hot Strip Mill . The primary components of this solution are the server computers and Human-Machine Interface devices connected to an Ethernet network. The main features and benefits of the system are:

  • A Finishing Mill Setup Model calculates Finishing Mill setups to achieve optimal head end thickness while accounting for target finishing temperature, profile and flatness. This physical, mathematical model contains adaptive features to compensate for process drift and product change. Additional information such as the control gain for Level I and speed/acceleration pattern is also provided in the Level 2.
  • Supervision software maintains accurate mill product information for tracking, production reports and operator screens. Reporting software generates production-oriented and detailed engineering reports. This information can also be made available to business system (Level 3) for automatic notification of rolling results against rolling targets.
  • Mill data archiving software permits detailed analysis of process events and quality-oriented events, in a historical trend format or summary data structure.
  • Alarm and Process Event logging records significant events during the processing of products.
  • Client/Server Operator Interfaces utilizing Windows-Based Graphical User Interface software. This interface is a modern, open design that takes advantage of industry standard tools

This Level 2 system has been fully verified and installed in the North America. It is also installed in China and running in excellent condition. References are available upon request.

See our company and personnel profiles. Please contact us via email bli68@qq.com or by phone (0086) 13400064848 for top quality supplies and services.


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