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We Understand Steel Mill

Steel Wire Rod Mill Supply 

Major features for the wire rod mill system

    Fig. 1: 10 Stands No-Twist Mill
  • Rolling speed: 60-100m/s or still higher, achieved with high-speed rolling block (Fig. 1)
  • Billet size: 120mm, 150mm up to 180mm square
  • Finish size: Dia. 5.5mm or larger round (or possibly also square, etc.)
  • Controlled rolling and cooling: with controlled water-box cooling and controlled air cooling, and draft scheduling for controlled rolling
  • Number of stands may be 26, 28, or other numbers, depending on the billet size and wire size mix. Rod rolling with less passes is accepted.
  • Technology strengths: top-quality technological design (mill parameters, pass schedules, etc.), and sophisticated automation systems (e.g. Level 2)
  • Price: very competitive, only a fraction of the price of the major suppliers (Morgan, Danieli, or SMS, etc.)

See detailed Technical Solution to Brand New & Revamping Wire Rod and Bar Mills.

Design and development for such a mill

  • Technological data supplied by Metal Pass, a world's expert in determining rolling mill parameters. Those data include: force, torque, power and temperature, etc. for rolling processes size by size and pass by pass, and related data for motor selection, transmission system design and machinery strengths checkup, etc.
  • Roll pass schedules for all sizes to be rolled. They are designed and provided by Metal Pass through utilizing its advanced roll pass design suites.
  • Controlled rolling and controlled cooling processes. Those are determined in Metal Pass by using its finite-differential programs for temperature prediction and water box cooling process design, and by applying its metallurgical models to perform design for the controlled rolling, etc.
  • Mill Level 2 system. It is directly supplied by Metal Pass, or provided by Metal Pass' partners or other vendors in customer preferences. Metal Pass is a well-known developer and researcher on steel mill Level 2 systems. Metal Pass provides improvement solutions worldwide for Level 2 systems supplied by major Level 2 vendors, and designs top-quality Level 2 systems. See near 10 publications since 2008. Mill Level 1 system, and also Level 3 system if requested, are developed under close cooperation between Metal Pass and its partners, or, if preferred by customer, may be supplied by other vendors.

Fig. 2: Wire Rod Rolling Mill

Mill machinery design and other equipment selection are completed by well-known and dedicated designers who work in the fields for dozens of years. Machinery equipment is manufactured by one of a list of partners of Metal Pass. In the industry, a mill manufacturer is usually a different company from the mill designer. Steel mills from American or European designers (Morgan, SMS or Danieli, etc.) are usually manufactured in China.

See a recent paper on roll pass related application: Development of Model-Intensive Web-based Rolling Mill Applications (presented in AISTech 2009).

Quality Discussion

Metal Pass has quite a few engineers who previously worked as key employees in the world's top engineering companies for wire rod mill, etc., including then senior engineer of Morgan and then China market representative and commissioning engineer of Morgan. Top quality models, design procedures and automation systems, etc. from Metal Pass that are integrated into the mill design and mill manufacture, guarantee the high technical level of the Metal Pass mill. Metal Pass' strengths compared with its US competitors, exist in accurate prediction of mill design parameters, high quality roll pass and sophisticated Level 2 system, etc.. Accurate metallurgical models developed in the past 20 years are also integrated into the system to improve rolled steel properties. The general performance of Metal Pass' wire rod mill reach a level similar to that of its US or European competitors, though the price of Metal Pass' mill is only a fraction of its US or European competitors. See detailed Technical Solution to Brand New & Revamping Wire Rod and Bar Mills. For project reference list, see Bar & Wire Rolling Mills.

See Project References - Rolling Mills, especially Bar & Wire Rolling Mills and Fine, Medium & Roughing Rolling Mills for past project references.

Metal Pass, based in Pittsburgh, USA, as an expert of rolling mill technologies, also provides Consulting on wire rod and bar mills equipment improvement.

Please contact us via email bli68@qq.com or by phone (0086) 13400064848 for top quality products and services.


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