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After years of development, meta4-0.com has become one of the largest and most popular websites in the Smart Manufacturing.


Metal Pass LLC would invite you as one of the following partners with your excellent experience and qualification. You will be one of the joint-owners through you great contribution.

Business Adviser

You hold/held high Level positions in the steel/metal or related industries. You have good knowledge and links in the industries and have excellent experience in the E-business, marketing or business development in engineering technology, etc.

We would expect your advices in the following areas:

  • Business decision, business plan, development direction, etc. for the Metal Pass LLC or www.meta4-0.com.
  • Interfacing with the investors, marketing partners, existing or potential customers/clients, etc. Attracting new investors and new partners.
  • Presenting Metal Pass products to the potential customers (optional).

Customer/Client Interfacing Partner

You have good experience and good industry links in the steel/metal industry. You have excellent marketing and presenting skills. You will be responsible for the customer/client/investor interfacing. Your contribution could be in various ways, for example:

  • Presenting/Selling Metal Pass products to the potential customers and clients.
  • Searching business opportunities, customers and clients, search investors and business partners.


You are an English native speaker and have interest and experience in English text editing and composition. You have basic knowledge on the technical terms on the metal/steel industry. You contribution would include:

  • Proof reading all the engineering writings and engineering resources in the meta4-0.com website, and make necessary modification, primarily in the English language aspect.
  • Monitoring/Editing all the user-submitted contents.
  • Metal/Steel Engineering students with good interest and skills in English composition may also qualify for this role.

Metal Pass LLC would also look for following business partners for the joint business activities.

Marketing Partners

We can use this popular website to market your metal related products and technologies. The cooperation could be in various ways, for example:

  • We can take online orders, and you, as our business partner, may take the responsibility to ship the products. The products may be what you are currently buying or selling.
  • For online traders: we may create your product list in our site (it looks like we are selling the products). When user places an order, he/she will be directed to your ordering system.



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