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Resume  [Notes]


Solution Architect for Software in General & in multiple Industries;
Double Ph.D. (USA & Germany) + 200 Projects + 25 years of experiences ...



Lead Solution Architect, Metal Data LLC

January 2012 - Present

(1) Strategy & 4 Major Areas

| Quality/Cost | Industry 4.0 | Architect | Data Systems | MES |

For over 20 selected areas (Cloud, Big Data, IOT, MES, ...); High quality/low cost Strategies via Integration; Architected software systems in General areas above.

(2) Industries

Architect in below Industries Areas

(3) Discrete Industry Projects e.g. Defect Warning

Solution Architect, Metal Pass LLC

September 2002 - January 2012

Process Industry projects e.g. EOS, POSCO, NISCO, Level 2 Upgrade...)

Programmer/Analyst, Cascade Steel, Inc., MIS Dept., McMinnville, OR

October 1999 - August 2002

Three sets of model-based intelligent systems: EAF, LMF & CAS, ...

Senior Engineer, Morgan/Siemens, Worcester, MA

August 1995 - September 1999

Over 100 sets of empirical models established ...


Ph.D. (eqv.) of Computer Science, Multiple regions from Boston, MA to Portland, OR, USA


8 years with 30 classes in evening (5:30-9:30pm) parallel to work on software, ended with certification programs (MCAD for Windows, MCAD for Web and MCDBA, etc.). Computer Courses.

Ph.D., Faculty of Material Processing, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany


Established a full model of FEM package and a simplified model package

B.S. & Ph.D. Candidate, Faculty of Material Processing, University of Sci. & Techn. Beijing


1500 hours of classes; Top-30 best student from 3000 universities...


Technical Skills

(A) General: | AI & Modeling | Software General | Systems | Automation |

(B) Specific: |
Web | Machine Learning | IOT | Java | AWS | Azure | Supply Chain | Big Data |


General Achievements e.g. Modeling + ML, Six Level 2 systems, New-Generation Level 2, Mass marketing; Over 200 Projects; Publications 3 Books and 36 Papers published. Earlier Project lists: Onsite, Modeling & Earlier.

Software Packages (not in Benjamin Li.doc).


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