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Translation of technical terms among Multiple Languages

There are two sets of online software, Techterm and Translate.

Here is the "Translate", which involves the multilingual translation of common technical terms.  Here are only function introduction pictures, in which German is to be translated into English. In this example, when select translation from German (Deutsch) into English, and type in a term (or several letters), so all the terms containing the entered term or letters are displayed in the text box. Select any term from the left-hand box in the below, the translation of the technical term is displayed in the right -hand box!



ConsultingBiz, Defect warn, Li-Batt, Steel...
Summary, Main, Modeling...
Indu. Apps
: Achievements, T- field, FreeForm...
: Resource, Products, Domains...
Tech: Need, Metaverse, Smart Manu...
Courses, Overview, Resources...
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