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Seven Main Technologies (Main Products)

List of seven main technologies:

  • US certification, Level 2 technology
  • US certification, online application technology
  • Microstructure model, intelligent self-learning and continuous upgrading technology of the new generation of Level 2
  • Defect early warning system
  • More than 100 sets of models made of steel and high-end materials
  • More than 100 sets of lithium battery Smart Manufacturing models
  • More than 100 sets of PPT in Smart Manufacturing training have been completed





Defect early warning system(patent

Predict the future of the site with the historical data of the site, and establish an extremely accurate model system. In the process of product processing, when the product has not been completed, it can predict whether the product being produced is genuine or defective when it becomes a finished product? If it is defective in the future, in the process of processing, we should change the parameter combination and even replace the worn parts in advance, so that the products being processed will be authentic in the future! In this way, the defective rate can be greatly reduced and the product quality can be improved! (the system is developed based on BYD production line and currently controls 6 lithium battery production lines at the same time) [patent file]


New generation Level 2(patent

Considering the influence of various alloy elements on the processing parameters in the production process and the performance parameters of products, such as alloy materials, which are the most popular materials used this year, comprehensively considering the optimization degree of alloy materials to improve the performance of materials and the demand for cost reduction of microalloyed materials, which are used in production, processing and products, It can be guided by a new generation of Level 2; Because of the high precision of the new generation of Level 2, its simulation function can be used in the design of new products to carry out the trial and error method of new product production, which plays a great guiding role in the development of new products; The most direct advantage is that in the production of hard and thin products, when the thickness can reach 5mm, the accuracy is still very high, but when the thickness of the conventional Level 2 is less than 8mm, there will be a large number of defective products due to insufficient accuracy! This technology fills the technical gap in the world! After the successful application of this technology for more than a year, an internationally renowned authority (Dr. M. gray, the national standard setter of the United States, China and India) called for the development of this technology in the industry! (see also AIST certification in May 2010 - Level 2) [patent file]


Scheme and development of various intelligent systems

1)The Level 2 of electric furnace smelting has about 400000 lines of source code, which adds the temperature prediction model and other models of smelting process, as well as the optimization model without data loss, and adds the windows function optimization model
2)The Level2 smelting system of refining furnace has about 300000 lines of source code, added alloying process model, temperature prediction model and other refining models, as well as optimization models without data loss, and added windows optimization model
3)The Level 2 of continuous casting, about 500000 lines of source code, has added the temperature prediction model and phase transformation process model of casting process, as well as the optimization model of no data loss, and added the windows optimization model
4)Furnace coil reversible plate Level 2 (1 million line source program, based on the original FORTRAN version, the variable definition is reduced from 500 pages to 50 pages, with about 60 variables per page; the microstructure model is added, the self-learning mode is changed, the continuous upgrading and other software engineering are added; the main model and related source programs are changed, etc.)
5)A series of models related to the force and energy prediction of the Level2 system are optimized, and the production planning logic of determining the number of passes is changed; In particular, under the guidance of upgrading the traditional Level 2 to a new generation of Level 2, bivariate self-learning can automatically upgrade various model coefficients of various steel grades (for example, nearly 20000 sets of model coefficients of 150 steel grades have been automatically designed)
6)Lithium battery production defect early warning system (simplified version of Level 2, focusing on the improvement of yield), about 300000 lines of source programs; Based on the original source program, the characteristics of continuous casting process model and data stability are added 


US AIST Certification: Level 2 Technology

AIST Certification certificate: Project certificate of "Level2 model for improving product quality and output of rolling mill"



US AIST Certification: Website Technology


AIST certificate: "web based metal process and metal information network development" project certificate. Internet based metal technology and metal information network 50000 page website, dozens of online apps and a large amount of online data (see www.meta4-0.com), industry 4.0 Metaverse site; Will be used as verification of defect early warning system products; With the help of more than 200 domain names, the structure of more than 200 satellite websites surrounding a main website can be formed.



Artificial intelligence simulation system

Based on the finite element simulation technology, the software system for large deformation simulation of thermal, mechanical, elastic-plastic deformation body and elastic tools is used, especially for the simulation of complex section profile rolling process, including normal full model and simplified model that can be used for today's machine learning. It can be simulated: (1) the deformation in the width direction, height direction and length direction of macro deformation during profile rolling production; (2) The rolling force and energy demand during profile rolling includes rolling force, rolling torque, energy demand, etc; (3) The deformation field of deformation at each position at any time in the rolling process (relative wide deformation, relative length deformation, relative high deformation); (4) Strain, stress, temperature, strain rate, dynamic recrystallization, static recrystallization, grain growth, grain size and mechanical properties of products in each region.
The practical application of the simulation has been comprehensively verified in the field, including the deformation and force energy at the macro level, and the verification based on the measured data of the deformation field when it is completely consistent with the actual section steel rolling process. For the measurement of deformation field in the process of large deformation hot rolling of section steel, the mesh is milled on each surface of complex shape steel with milling cutter, and the steel is cut off on the surface, the mesh is milled, and then welded together for rolling. At present, this technology has been transmitted to all section steel production plants in the world through several major international technology providers, creating a world precedent for the application of large deformation section steel hot rolling process simulation technology in factories! This project is a national project in Germany. The German investment is equivalent to millions of dollars today. Therefore, the applicant published his first book. The applicant's name has been posted on the website of his German school for 8 years! [Technical documentation details]


More than 100 sets of Smart Manufacturing training PPT

Online free Smart Manufacturing training has been designed. Recently, more than 100 sets of PPT documents for Smart Manufacturing training have been designed, which are mainly based on the cases of completed projects, and are used for adding courseware of Smart Manufacturing Specialty in Colleges and technical Level2 schools. Each set can be used for teaching for 2 hours. See the websiteMeta4-0.com/training.
[100 sets of courseware PPT]

The above table shows the main products produced by the main technology.

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