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Equipment Intelligent System

I. Equipment Intelligent System Example

Intelligent equipment business has a promising future. We focus on the model and software development of intelligent equipment, which is the most expensive part of intelligent equipment. We hope to cooperate with hardware manufacturers, such as in the field of lithium battery manufacturing. Lithium battery intelligent equipment needs far more than basic automation, but more production process logic and model. The following are examples of several levels of products.

(I)Defect Early Warning System

It can be used as a simplified version of the equipment intelligent system, that is, the equipment intelligent system that only solves product defects / defective products.

1. Business model. Put the mature technology completed in BYD and other projects into the computer system or chip to form products that can be sold on a large scale. The price is 1 / 10 of the price developed by our team. This development is based on the rewriting of the existing intelligent system source program. If we sell only one copy at 100% price, our profit will be more than 80% and the customer's profit will be more than 10 times a year! Moreover, as an intelligent system, governments at all levels have subsidies and special personnel apply for it.

2. Operation mode. History is the way to predict the future! For example, there are 10 stages of production. In the first or second stage, we can know whether the products after completing the 10 stages are defective under the existing production conditions; If yes, the system will give an alarm in the first or second stage, adjust the parameters in the second or third to tenth stages, and even replace the worn parts (tools or molds, etc.) to make the product genuine! This can reduce the defective rate and improve the product quality!

3. Market size. The data source can be MES, industrial Internet or SCADA. There are more than 20000 MES data sources available to our team; If a set is set at 500000 yuan, there will be a market of 10 billion yuan. It is estimated that there are at least 500 million data sources; The annual fee can benefit 50 billion yuan / year; If we adopt the profit sharing mode (without customer input), we are expected to make a profit of 1250 billion yuan! [description]

Defect early warning system is a system we are pushing. Its intelligence first pays attention to product quality and defective products! This is based on the system we developed in BYD lithium battery production line. Here it is packaged into a product, namely defect early warning system! This system is equivalent to the 3 million lines of source program we brought back. After two rounds of simplification!

(II)Equipment Intelligent System

The equipment intelligent system is obtained from the above defect early warning system through a round of upgrading. At this time, the system deals with various logical relationships related to equipment intelligence (not limited to defects and defective products), including relevant models. This is precisely what equipment manufacturing enterprises are fully developing at present! This system can increase the price of equipment by 2 to 10 times! For example, the example of Zhengwei International (world top 500) 5g material production line is 6 times! The main reason for the low export price in some equipment is the lack of software (intelligence and data of equipment), only hardware! The equipment intelligent system needs to develop the corresponding software based on the different models and logic of each production section of lithium battery.

Our simplified early warning system is equivalent to our intelligent early warning system after this round of optimization!

(III)Omnidirectional Smart Manufacturing System

Then upgrade to an all-round Smart Manufacturing system. This has been restored to the system we brought back from abroad and developed by us for more than 30 years, with more than 3 million lines of source programs! During this period, more than 200 Smart Manufacturing projects have been completed in Europe, America and other countries! This is based on our technical advantages as German Ph.D. of engineering and US Ph.D. of software, and at least 3 years of working experience in seven or eight professional fields.


If the equipment intelligent system is upgraded again, it will be an all-round Smart Manufacturing system, that is, the system here. This includes all aspects of the production site in addition to the equipment related models and logic. This technology just corresponds to more than 3 million lines of source programs we brought back to the country. This is an all-round Smart Manufacturing system.

II. Each Subsystem Scheme Of Lithium Battery Manufacturing Equipment Intelligent System

Each section of lithium battery production is different, and its intelligent equipment should consider its own model and logic. This is also the customization required by industry 4.0. Various intelligent subsystems, such as:

-  Slurry preparation Level 2: powder properties and conditions in mixing tank

-  Slurry drawing Level 2: apply the positive and negative slurry to the corresponding body materials

-  Baking Level 2: conduct thermal calculation and bake into solid state

-  Rolling Level 2 (function example here): realize the consistency of coating thickness and density

-  Slitting Level 2 (completed in BYD production line): reduce defects such as burr and powder falling during slitting

-  Winding Level 2: intelligent operation of winding into battery type

-  Capacity sharing Level 2: realize the consistency of each battery in all aspects

-  Omni directional diagnosis system: carry out omni-directional diagnosis of various performances of lithium battery according to the situation of previous sections

-  Etc.: when there is a problem in any link, the Level 2 at this stage can be generated

III. Other Solutions Frequently Involved By The Team

Under the current situation, although it is not necessary to pursue all-round Smart Manufacturing, specific problems on the site can be solved under certain simplification. According to the demand, it can be developed among defect early warning, equipment intelligence and all-round Smart Manufacturing. The solutions often involved in this team are as follows:

- Smart Manufacturing based on field data

- Smart Manufacturing in garment industry

- Smart Manufacturing in electronic manufacturing industry

- Smart Manufacturing of 5g materials / high-end materials

- Smart Manufacturing of other high-end materials

- Soft sensing system of lithium battery burr slitting machine

- Smart Manufacturing of lithium battery cell material production optimization

- Intelligent system for environmental protection water treatment

- The team participated in the intelligent system development of BMI Nobel Prize project


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