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"100-1000-10000" Sales Plan

Sales Plan

The time limit for us to obtain large-scale investment is usually 3 + 1 years. As the most ideal situation, we can set the time for completing the"100-1000-10000" Sales Plan in four years; If we can complete the plan within four years, our sales volume will be slightly higher than the expected value in the previous four years. If we think our standards are set high, we can also realize the plan in the first five years. If the investment amount is lower, the time to complete the plan needs to larger, for example, six years!

Defect early warning system will be the focus of our team in early years. Before the products of the defect early warning system are packaged, the sales team can accept the projects on "100" and "1000" level. The final purpose of the project is to integrate our main product defect early warning system. Therefore,
 while we develop the defect early warning system, we can parallel work on the large-scale projects in "100" and "1000" level.


Complete 100 large-scale customization projects. As a large-scale project, it usually needs to combine multiple defect early warning systems, or even the contents outside the defect early warning system. For example, for BYD's large-scale projects, even if we had a defect early warning system before, we should integrate six sets of defect early warning systems to meet their needs; Besides burr defect warning, we also need to carry out knife notch warning.


Completed 1000 consulting projects. The amount of funds for each project is about 20000 to 3 million. For small consulting projects, we can only introduce our solutions and provide our products, which can be solved with our products. For large consulting projects with a million or more, we can solve their problems by combining several of our products like customized projects.


Sell 10000 sets of defect early warning systems. This is our main product, and relevant projects on hundred and thousand levels should be completed in combination with the defect early warning system. For most scenarios, based on our on-site consultation, we will directly sell them a set of defect early warning system, which can solve their defective problems after installation.

Post Note

It can be seen from the above that the business focus of the team is to solve the problem of defective products and use the successful defect early warning system developed by us. This system is the focus of solving on-site quality problems, but these are not equivalent to solving on-site quality problems, because on-site quality problems cover a wide range, far more than defective products.

Another problem that customers often mention is that there are several defective products on site at the same time. There are two solutions: one is to solve all kinds of defective products. A set of defect early warning system is possible, but not optimal; Second, for each defective product, we provide a set of defect early warning system, which is a more optimized solution, but the cost is slightly higher than the above, which is good for the enterprise. After all, our system price is only a small part of the enterprise's defective product price in a year!
Big Difficulties in Projects

Firstly, the engineering model should be established, and the engineering model affecting defects and defective products should be established according to the on-site process, products, equipment and automation conditions of the enterprise. We should have a deep understanding of the engineering fields of technology, products, equipment and automation.

Most of the problems of the field are comprehensive. At first glance, there are a considerable number of problems that are difficult to be solved directly with basic theories. For example, there may be problems in the coordination of various fields. Machine learning based on the existing data of the factory, such as MES data or industrial Internet data, can fully bind the established model with the production process, product equipment and automation of the production line, that is, the accuracy of the model on the production line of the collected data is very high.

Then, the system architecture of software and field engineering problems shall be carried out. In addition to the normal software architecture of the software, such as the design of data structure, database, class, function, module and software interface, the relevant scenario use cases shall be collected completely. If the current work of all field engineers shall be compiled into intelligent software, if the collection of these scenario use cases is not comprehensive, when encountering the scenario use cases that have not been collected, The system does not respond, but the automatic system cannot wait, which will cause serious accidents! After the scene use cases are fully collected, the system should be able to automatically form an intelligent alarm, and when the operator takes action, the system should be able to respond in time and take follow-up actions. In particular, the system should guide the on-site operator how to deal with relevant problems.

Big Profits

The relevant profits can be considered from two aspects

From developer side, we can take the defect early warning system as either a product or a project, depending on the specific needs of the site. As a product, we install the defect early warning system into a computer system, which can be connected to the on-site data system through the data network card. After giving us certain settings for the interface of the defect early warning system, it can be used for about an hour, We initially expect to sell a set of such system at US$70,000, which is about 1 / 10 cost of customized development of such system. Of course, the cost of our team is much lower than that of other teams in the market. Because our development is referencing large number of past projects!

From customer view, reducing defects receives great return, usually with the profit ratio of 1000% or higher!


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