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Dr. Benjamin Li - Modeling and Software Architecture

Dr. Benjamin Li has worked on process modeling and related software developments for nearly 30 years, and has developed an entire set of process models (e.g. over 100 sets for process industries and another 100 sets for discrete industries). As a Lead Solution Architect, he has completed over 200 projects, see www.Meta4-0.com/BLi (Detailed Resume is in Middle Left of the cover page). Besides his engineering experience (e.g. Ph.D. from Germany on AI), he also completed his 8-year on-job training for 30 computer classes throughout his work as software engineer and software consultant. Up to now, he has published over 30 technical papers and completed three books on Level 2 system (Intelligent System based on process models as expansion to MES) development and other Smart Manufacturing.

He received  his B.S. from University of Science & Technology Beijing (USTB). During his graduate study in USTB he was selected as the top-30 best student (from over 3000 universities) of China who qualified for Ph.D. scholarship in studying abroad, so he went to Germany in 1990.

Dr. Li earned his Ph.D. on process modeling in 1995 from the Institute of Metal Forming of TU Bergakademie Freiberg (the oldest university in the world in mining and metallurgy). The Minor for his Ph.D. was Business Management. The success of his project, which was with equiv. US$500,000 DFG funding and a workload initially planned for two Ph.D. programs, led to the industrial-scale FEM application in processing of complicated shapes. During the research he was also specially assigned to direct a Master (Diplom) student and several research students (B.S.). The research results were highly recognized by well-known scholars (e.g. a director of Max-Planck Institute, and a SMS Board of Director) and applied in the world's top companies such as then Mannesmann Demag (now SMS), and he was also invited by Danieli to Italy for three times. Even before he completed his Ph.D. study, he was offered a Senior Engineer position in the largest metallurgical company in USA (Morgan Construction Co., now merged with Siemens).

In Morgan, Dr. Li focused on the model development, and established an entire set of manufacturing process models such as those to predict metal/roll deformation, force and torque requirements, and microstructure evolution during processing and controlled cooling. The models were developed through evaluation of a 15-years tests in Germany, a 5-year tests in Morgan, various published data and numerous site data that Morgan collected all over the world. He also completed a set of industry projects such as then ASW in Cleveland, OH. As early as in 1996 he published his first book on the process modeling of complicated sections (ISBN 3-86012-029-8, in German).

Dr. Li have been on the model-based software development since he started evening computer classes in early 1998. Today's MES has a weakness on industry know-how, and this makes MES development slow in the past years. But this is just the technical strength of Dr. B. Li. He developed Level 2 systems (expansion of MES functions with industry know-how) for Cascade Steel smelting processes EAF, LMF and Caster, etc., which used C/C++ for function implementation, VB for interface and Oracle as backend. He also improved EOS plate steckle mill Level 2 models by applying Microservices. By integrating microstructure model, intelligent learning and advanced software engineering into Level 2 system, he developed New-Generation Level 2 system, filled world's technological gap! He has thus also customized the Level 2 systems for various mill environments (EAF, LMF, Caster, Plate Mill, etc.) .  In the mean time, Dr. Li developed dozens of software packages (e.g. those in www.Meta4-0.com), and wrote his second and third books, particularly on Smart Manufacturing.

In recent years, Dr. Li have primarily customized the 70-year steel industry Level 2 concepts and applied it in the new emerging industry such as Smart Manufacturing of Lithium Battery, and New Materials and Advanced Equipment, and created entire concepts of Defect Warning Systems. By modeling and software development, he is integrating Basic Automation system and MES/ERP/Other Data Systems, to achieve Multi-Level Automation for full automatic optimized systems. He has been improving product quality and reduce defects through Engineering Modeling, Intelligent Learning and Advanced Software Engineering (e.g. use-cases/user-scenarios handling).

Since many systems he developed were with the servers sited in the headquarters of his clients, and the client computers right on production lines, cloud computing is required (BYD. Also many applications are involved with Big Data, like in case of Portland, OR, where Informix database was employed, Big Data and related technologies are essential. Since one year he has provided over 40 trainings on Metaverse, Digital Twin, Industry 4.0, Software Architecture, and so on. Up to now he has completed over 200 software development projects.

Dr. Li is one of the major developers on process models and related software architecture in USA. He is now actively helping industries to improve their Level 2 for high accuracy, by applying his process/product models and by pursuing intelligent learning and advanced software engineering, etc. He also actively conducts design and development in related software, such as OOP, Cloud, Big Data, MES, Machine Learning, etc. Up to now, over 200 projects has been completed worldwide, such as those for EOS (Portland, Oregon),  POSCO (Korea), and BYD (World Fortune 500, China), etc.

For detailed information on Dr. Li, please visit www.Meta4-0.com/bli for resume. You may contact Dr. Li or other Metal Data colleagues via email bliMetaverse@gmail.com.


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