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Metal Pass Development in Steel Industry

Smart Manufacturing of steel

Metal Pass uses high-accuracy property models, machine learning and advanced software engineering to do smart manufacturing. It reaches better properties and shape. For major products (Plate/Strip, Wire & Bar, and Steel smelting, etc.), uses multiple technologies, are discussed in the files.

Metal Pass‘ Mill Software

Metal Pass' software-based consulting  in steel industry, first covers major production process such as Plate, Wire & Bar, section and steel smelting, etc. In addition, it covers software products used in steel industry. See detail in Metal Pass‘ Mill Software.

Level 2 Model Improvement

Level 2 System is the primary system for steel Mill improvement. So called "Level 2" because the Basic Automation System is called Level 1, and today's MES is the main part of the Level 3. Level 2 mainly handle Model and Logics. Level 2 improves the main areas of process optimization. Improvement through Level 2 is discusses mainly in the documents Level 2 Model Improvement.

Mill Automation System Development and Improvement

We develop new and improve existing Level 2 systems. We apply our accurate rolling process models and metallurgical models to develop new production scheduling system or to improve the existing ones. In addition, we develop various software applications to satisfy steel mill needs. See details in Mill Automation System Development and Improvement.

Roll Pass Design and Rolling Mill Plant

Metal Pass provides consulting services to improve both your roll pass schedule and roll pass software. There are dozens of influence factors on a roll pass schedule, together with issues of robustness and accuracy. Metal Pass' strength exists in the unique combination of the theory (accurate process models) and field practice.

See detailed description on Roll Pass Design and Rolling Mill Plant.

Mill Performance Improvement

Metal Pass' mill consulting is dedicated to the Mill Performance Improvement. This is to apply our mill models and mill knowledge in the daily operation of the steel plants, to improve productivity, yield and product quality, etc.

FEM/FDM Analysis

Metal Pass consulting utilizes FEM and FDM to improve your rolling mill operation and forming processes, to achieve accurate roll pass schedule, improved Level 2 model, and to reduce defects, etc. Click on  FEM/FDM Analysis for development work.

Model Training & Resources

Metal Pass provides hands-on training on mill model and mill design/development. The training schedule consists of 20 modules. Every module has technical discussion and lab excise, etc. Metal Pass has rich resources for mill consulting, especially in the steel mill process modeling and computer application. See Model Training & Resources.

Planning & Consulting

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Contact us: Please scan the figure below to add Wechat (e.g. myQQfriend); Tel: 13400064848 or 13430699003; E-mail BLi68@QQ.com. See Profile of the key consultant.


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