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Methodology of Practical Training Based on Smart Manufacturing Case

Smart Manufacturing and Multinational Multidisciplinary Skills Training

Training Methodology of Professional Enterprising (1) - Basic Learning Strategies

1) Learning methodology: correctly study and continuously improve skills, and improve 2 academic levels (undergraduate to doctoral)

  • a) Determine the demand: 5 years in advance (requires Mentor), and preparation in advance can make up for the lack of quality;
  • b) Cultivate interest: cultivate interest from industry demand, knowledge structure and individual potential, and act after interest;
  • c) Pay attention to methods: if you are interested, you can study methods again, such as card memory method, (programming) reverse learning method, etc
  • d) Progress inflection point: after learning at a high speed for a while, it is found that the progress is not as expected - this is a misunderstanding, and many people stop here

2) Knowledge structure and training needs of undergraduate / Master / doctor

  • a) This (specialized) department: knowledge is right and static. There is no need to challenge it. We can obtain a lot of knowledge from books and on-site
  • b) Master: knowledge is dynamic, and right and wrong depend on conditions; Research and development efforts to acquire new knowledge
  • c) Doctor: it must be new! Find out the parts that must be expanded from the existing knowledge! The doctoral thesis must have new ideas, otherwise it will not meet the standard! (the doctor is a narrow scholar / expert, and it is necessary to broaden multiple majors before Smart Manufacturing)

3)Professional thinking mode and the first five years after graduation

  • a) Different majors use different methods to train people's way of thinking, such as mathematics, philosophy, physics and chemistry, engineering
  • b) In the first five years after graduation, I decided to live my life. Some people continued to study major, others stopped or studied social humanities, etc.

Training Methodology of Professional Enterprising (2)

(Appropriate study and sustainable improvement of skills can improve 2 academic levels)

1) How to do scientific research: collect 500 relevant papers and find 5-10 weak papers for each Point; It can quickly improve the academic level of its field to the world leader; Usually Relevant R & D experience is required, and a doctor's degree or above is the best

2) How to learn computer: run examples, analyze grammatical functions, and memorize examples;
Suitable for computer self trainers, do not feel boring, and continuously improve their skills Can; This method is derived from the self exploration of the speaker when learning computer

3) How to learn a foreign language: 2-3 weeks of oral English, and finally reach the level of native English;
Three three card making method applies people's physiological characteristics to avoid brain fatigue;

This memory method is also applicable to other non foreign language contents that are difficult to remember

Training Methodology of Professional Enterprising (3)

English speaking and vocabulary crash

(Can quickly achieve the ability to communicate fluently with foreigners!)

1) Improve oral fluency through super fast reading guidance of simple articles Degree, avoid translation behavior when speaking a foreign language; Provide relevant online resources
2) The three three card method assists memory and breaks the fatigue of cerebral cortex during memory, Continuous deep memory; Use the three three card method to memorize other difficult to remember Capacity; Read the text with a certain amount of new words to memorize vocabulary; Word formation Help vocabulary memory
3) Idioms and language styles of foreigners (different from Chinese literal translation) Applicable objects: CEOs, CTOs, technicians, R & D personnel and production managers of manufacturing enterprises engaged in Smart Manufacturing decision-making and execution. Specifically, leaders in charge of Smart Manufacturing, decision makers of factory Smart Manufacturing, as well as experts and technicians engaged in Smart Manufacturing.


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