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Equipment Intelligent System

1.  Development of Equipment Intelligent System (Equipment Software System)

The equipment intelligent system is a comprehensive Smart Manufacturing system developed by Metal Pass team, which is simplified in combination with the current situation of China. This round of simplification focuses on production equipment to optimize the operation of the system and provide production logic optimization for existing equipment hardware. Equipment intelligent system is the key to equipment value, which can increase the price of equipment hardware by 2 to 10 times. For example, the price of 5g material production line of a fortune 500 company including equipment intelligent system is 180 million yuan, while the value of equipment hardware is only 30 million yuan! Use the online data of existing equipment for engineering modeling, and then conduct machine learning based on the existing online data to make the model fully bound with the production line, that is, the model is extremely accurate on the existing production line. Based on the model, various operating parameters of the existing production line can be well coordinated, resulting in the equipment intelligent system. When the production line has superior basic automation and manufacturing execution system, if another set of equipment intelligent system is developed, the optimal full-automatic operation can be realized through system integration.

The main technical advantage of this team is that it can develop intelligent software systems for all kinds of high-end equipment in the manufacturing industry; Based on a complete set of equipment in a specific production process, combined with the characteristics of process, products and equipment in the production process, a high-precision on-line optimization model is established, and the on-line control software of the production process is developed to realize the optimal operation of the equipment.

If this technology is used in the factory, it is an Smart Manufacturing system focusing on equipment. If it is used in the equipment supplier, it is just equipment software. When this system is used in the production process, it is usually subject to the existing data acquisition level of the factory, but when it is used in equipment manufacturing, the equipment manufacturer has the ability and authority to realize high-quality data acquisition. At present, although Chinese manufacturing enterprises have made rapid progress driven by all aspects, the level of data collection is still not high. In particular, the quality of data collection is usually not enough linked to the income of operating employees (the income of employees is more linked to the number of products produced), resulting in the operator's lack of attention to data collection. Therefore, it will take some time to directly promote high-quality Smart Manufacturing in the factory at this stage. However, when large companies promote the provision of equipment software for equipment manufacturers, it is just the best time at present!

The Smart Manufacturing system in the production process is a Level 2, including about 1 / 3 models and 2 / 3 scenario use cases. Because this set of products requires both high-level engineering technology and excellent skills in developing large-scale online application software, the technical content involved is very high, the requirements for the production environment are also extremely high, and strong technical support is needed. In this regard, our team is also one of the strongest technology portfolios in the world.

2.  Application of Equipment Intelligent System (Equipment Software System)

For specific equipment, a set of equipment software can be customized and developed for direct installation. After installation, the operation of the equipment can be optimized, that is, the coordination in the specific incoming material, process, product and equipment environment can be optimized. Because this product can be directly installed on the relevant equipment hardware, this software can be used to optimize and control the equipment after certain settings. Compared with other intelligent systems (Level 2s) on the market that can only adapt to the corresponding hardware by modifying the original program, the application of this system is much simpler and the development is much faster. When based on the modification of similar source programs, the development speed will be much faster. Compared with other similar systems in the world, its main advantage is that it can be directly installed and customized.

Because this kind of equipment software involves a wide range, involving seven or eight fields such as process, product, equipment, automation, model and software, it is extremely difficult to develop. For example, no one in the steel industry can develop such a Level 2 that can be directly installed and used! Due to its leading technology, our team has tried for many years to develop device software that can be directly installed and used in Windows environment, and make windows understand a lot of Engineering logic!

In terms of model quality and model accuracy, our team has always been ahead of relevant domestic and international products in the competition with European and American counterparts in the past few years. The main person in charge of the model has been working as a technical consultant in European and American countries to guide the development of intelligent models and intelligent software. Its technology is ahead of other peers at home and abroad.

The products of our team have been developed and optimized in the following two processes:

(1) Experience in developing, optimizing and customizing five sets of secondary systems in iron and steel industry; The system has been rewritten by the active program.

(2) A set of defect early warning system based on model and intelligent software developed for lithium battery production lines in emerging industries; This system has been directly installed and set up for relevant equipment, although it has been simplified accordingly. When the equipment software is customized and installed into the relevant equipment hardware, only the following steps can be carried out: (I) establish an accurate and optimized online model based on the materials, processes, products, equipment and other environments in the production process; (II) customize the corresponding equipment software based on the model.

Since the service object is the equipment supplier, in case some necessary data cannot be collected, just add corresponding sensors; Moreover, a set of equipment software system can be copied to many copies with the sales of equipment hardware manufacturers, which also greatly improves the efficiency of such products; At the same time, because the equipment hardware provided is basically the same, the equipment software system used to optimize the equipment is also basically the same, reducing the difficulty of system development.

In contrast, the operators of the manufacturer on site may not have the technical strength to add sensors / instruments and modify PLC programming; Moreover, adding sensors may mean changing the equipment, which is also subject to the contract with the equipment manufacturer; Moreover, each production line and even different production lines of the same company are slightly different, so customization development is more difficult.

3Common Fields of Equipment Intelligent System That Can Be Developed

If it is to develop a hardware equipped intelligent system of the production line, the software is much simpler; When the whole production line is involved, the software system is much more complex. It can be developed in stages as needed. When adding equipment software, the price of equipment may increase multiple times. In the equipment supply chain business, adding even a small amount of software can significantly increase the equipment price!

(1) Common Areas

  • Robot and manipulator: the hardware is a zero level system; The software can be primary system (basic automation), Level 2 (Intelligent System) and tertiary system (the theme is data system for management function)
  • Molding machine and stamping machine: it is the professional field of the project leader from bachelor degree to doctor of engineering
  • Mechanical customization, mechanical design and equipment maintenance: equip hardware equipment with software to greatly improve its intelligence
  • Automatic assembly, automatic self inspection, automatic control: logic and software of automatic control
  • Plant performance, plant design, project implementation, asset management: logic and software at the management level or MES level
  • Automobile, home appliances, medical treatment, food, home furnishing: common business areas
  • Build the next generation of intelligent factory for manufacturing enterprises: ensure that the functions of intelligent system (model, logic, etc.) are not lost

(2) Intelligent Device Customization Platform

  • MES system
  • Quality inspection management
  • Intelligent storage
  • Digital information management

(3) AIoT Equipment Management Platform

  • Production execution
  • device management
  • Logistics storage
  • Environmental management
  • Intelligent control of household appliances
  • Passenger flow analysis
  • Intelligent after sales
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Etc.


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