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FEM/FDM Analysis

The primary consultant of Metal Data, Dr.
Bingji (Benjamin) Li, earned his Ph.D. on the FEM (Finite-Element Method) simulation in steel hot rolling processes, and published a book and a list of technical papers on this issue. His results attracted high attentions of the world's top companies and well-known researchers. His expertise in this area can help you to effectively improve your mill systems. See topic summary of the Ph.D. project.

Metal Data also has experience on FDM (Finite Differential Method) available for consulting. We have developed a web-based FDM application to predict temperature profile over the cross-section during the entire rolling and controlled cooling processes, pass by pass and stage by stage.

FEM/FDM Application Areas  (Ask a question)

  • Determination of the metal deformation for the roll pass design and improvement of the section rolling process (for I-beam, Angle steel, U-section, etc.)

  • Determine of the metal flow for the rolling of special-shape bars such as half-round.

  • Study of the roll deflection and roll crown, etc. for high-quality models to achieve good product shape

  • Study of the possibility of crack for the section rolling and other forming processes. Through the analysis of the local strain concentration or stress concentration, together with the forming ability model, the occurrence and location of the crake can be predicted.

  • Some Level 2 system for the controlled cooling or for the reheating furnace are developed with the finite element method or finite differential method.

  • It is also possible to study the shape of the contact area during shape rolling, in order to develop accurate procedures for roll separating force model.

Metal Data Work Areas  (Ask a question)

  • FEM analysis to determine metal flow during steel section rolling, in supporting the roll pass design of the large section rolling process.

  • FEM analysis to determine the roll deflection, roll flattening, roll thermal crown, etc. during steel plate/strip rolling.

  • Improvement of the existing FEM program for the deformation/temperature determination, such as that for temperature prediction in the controlled cooling Level 2 system (SMS-Demag has such a version of the Level 2 model)

  • Improvement of FEM programs used for determining parameters in the reheating furnace Level 2 system

  • FEM simulation of the steel casting process.

  • Finite element analysis for rolling with liquid core, etc.

  • Finite differential method for temperature prediction. See web-based FDM program.

  • FDM analysis to determine temperature profile during controlled cooling.

  • FDM simulation of the temperature profile during the multi-pass rolling process.

  • Integration of the microstructure model into the FEM model to determine the microstructure evolution process during rolling and the rolled steel properties

  • Formability model developed by Metal Data to determine potential for the crack formation during rolling and other forming processes, with application examples for rail/beam rolling, angle rolling, etc.

  • Finite element analysis for other metal forming processes (forging, extrusion, drawing, sheet forming, etc.).

  • And so on.

Resources for Metal Data FEM/FDM Consulting
  (Ask a question)

Examples of the resources are as follows:

Metal Data has dozens of research reports and some software applications available at no charge for the Metal Data Consulting clients (under approval by
Dr. Benjamin Li).

See the profile for the primary consultant Dr. Benjamin Li. You may also view our company and personnel profiles. Please contact us via email bli68@qq.com or by phone (0086) 19875212800 for top quality consulting services.



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