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Smart Manufacturing Planning Steps


Based on the Smart Manufacturing diagnosis plan designed by Metal Data, according to the current situation of the enterprise; If necessary, field investigation can be carried out. The cost of early diagnosis and consultation is only one tenth, of which the cost of some early field research is only one tenth.

Step description

1. The factory asked for the current situation investigation template. Enter www.Meta4-0.com and download Factory information template (Meta4-0.com/consulting/PlantInfo.xlsx), Fill in and send to email BLi68@qq.com.

2. Obtain investigation form. The factory obtains the current situation investigation template by Email.

3. The factory should arrange employees to carry out thorough investigations, to fill in the Excel documents with detailed information, and send it back to Metal Data by Email.

4. Preliminary design and verification. According to the current situation of the enterprise and other information, Metal Data experts perform the Diagnosis based on the information submitted from the factory.

4. Formal scheme. Based on in-depth communication and on-site investigation when necessary, Metal Data completes Diagnosis, and, also following customer requirements, provides a complete technical upgrading scheme of professional system.


Dr. Li has received a doctor of engineering from Germany and a doctor of software from the United States. He has worked on the factory site for 30 years and has completed more than 200 Smart Manufacturing related projects in Europe, America and other countries. Dr. Li can refer to the previously completed Smart Manufacturing projects to provide planning schemes. See the documentation for details.

Note appended

The team plans in strict accordance with Smart Manufacturing in the initial design; If the enterprise does not meet the conditions of Smart Manufacturing, but only meets the conditions of digital manufacturing or basic automation, we will deal with it differently in the scheme to avoid the survival risk to the enterprise.

See the guidelines for Smart Manufacturing direction guidance and maturity diagnosis:www.Meta4-0.com/consulting//MaturityDiagnosis.html.

Planning & Consulting

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