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Business Areas And Related Resources

Metal Data team carries out factory Smart Manufacturing projects with 30 years of Smart Manufacturing experience in Germany and the United States and the achievements of nearly 200 various factory projects. At present, the industries with project experience include material forming process and equipment, multi-level computer control system (basic automation + model-based process optimization + MES + ERP), electronic manufacturing and chip manufacturing. Related business areas span processes, products, equipment, automation, models, software, artificial intelligence and so on. Our Smart Manufacturing field involves not only traditional industries, but also emerging industries! The clients of technical consultation are all over several continents, such as American and Canadian multinationals Oregon Corporation, American Tesla Corporation, Nucor Corporation, former as & W Corporation, German DFG (project), Korean POSCO Corporation, China's NISCO, Tiannuo, Shagang, TISCO, Baogang, BYD, TCL, Guangye, Shenzhen Quality Institute, BGI, Weifu Caldenton and boward cars, etc. These do not include companies such as Morgan and Kate, who used to work full-time in the United States.

Among the items listed below, the latter ones have not been developed in Chinese for the time being, and some just put some pictures in early international papers to represent the main content.

1.  Seven Major Products

Here are seven major products representing the company's intellectual property rights. In fact, these should be in the field of products or technology! For example, "various intelligent system schemes and development" lists six mature software systems. Of course, for large systems, such as the new generation of Level 2s, the international certification obtained will also be counted as one! For customers' interest points, we can provide ten times more technical content!

2.  Defect Early Warning System

Before the completion of the production of industrial products, it can be predicted whether this product is genuine or defective after it is produced. If it will be a defective product, the system will give an alarm and strong alarm at the moment, prompting the operator to take immediate action, change the parameter combination, or replace the worn parts (tools or molds, etc.) to make the product genuine. The specific method is to establish the model affecting the defect and carry out machine learning based on the on-site online data, so that the model is extremely accurate on this production line and the prediction hit rate is very high! The system also recommends the best parameter combination. The defect early warning system is a product packaged according to the system developed by us in the lithium battery production line.

3.  Equipment Intelligent System

We focus on intelligent equipment, focus on the intelligence related to models and software, and form perfect matching and mutual assistance with hardware manufacturers without competition. The content of lithium battery intelligent equipment is far beyond basic automation, and more is the production process logic and model. The logic of intelligent equipment first focuses on intelligent equipment and product quality, and defective products, as well as equipment defect early warning system! After a round of upgrading, the defect early warning system can handle all models and logic in intelligent equipment, which is our equipment intelligent system.

4.  Primary Business Areas

Primary business areas is to develop Defect early warning system. At first the basic Defect early warning system would be developed, for manufacturing industries, such as in the industries e.g. lithium battery manufacturing. After basic system, a new generation of Level 2 system, particularly or steel industry, can be developed. The Breast cancer screening equipment for women, based on Dr. Bakhtar's conncept, can also be developed at later stage.

5.  "100-1000-10000" Sales Plan

This is our business goal! In the past few years, the company tries to sell 100 customized Smart Manufacturing projects, 1000 consulting projects and 10000 defect early warning systems! The specific number of years depends on the amount of investment and the size of the company that can be realized.

6.  Q&A Questions And Answers

This section lists more than 50 problems related to the company's business and technology. The relevant answers are basically in the content of this website.

7.  Domain Name For Sale

Smart Manufacturing domain name, automation and CAD / CAE / CIM domain name, R & D domain name, steel domain name and metal domain name, etc. There are still domain names of the general directory, but the price can refer to several series here

8.  Full Scale of Smart Manufacturing System

If the equipment intelligent system is upgraded again, it will be a comprehensive Smart Manufacturing system, which includes all aspects of the production site in addition to the equipment related models and logic. The technical level of this step is just equivalent to the source program we brought back after optimization, which can be used for all-round intelligent system. Since the amount of development required for technology upgrading is far greater than the simplification of the source program, the intelligent system corresponding to our source program becomes an intelligent equipment system after one round of simplification, and then another round of simplification is the defect early warning system!

9.  Company Guide

This guide has collected more than 50000 company introductions and product introductions. Involving more than 1000 products in five groups and more than 100 business areas. The classification of product types refers to the integration of many industries; The guide finally lists many companies that can provide each product, including the introduction and contact information of each company.


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Contact us: Please contact Linkedin in www.Linkedin.com/in/intelli, OR scan the figure below to add Wechat (e.g. myQQfriend); Tel: (+1) 858 898 1288; E-mail BLiMetaverse@Gmail.com. See Profile of the key consultant.


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