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Primary Business Areas

Primary work area is the QA System on Defect Warning. Several related areas can be taken as the customized areas of the QA System on Defect Warning, such as the New-Generation Level 2 system, three Level 2 system for EAF, LMF and Caster, and the Equipment Software. The Breast Cancer Screening Equipment for Women can also be considered as a customized QA System on Defect Warning. The purposes of all those systems are to increase product quality and to reduce defects. In the following would several primarily system introduced.

I. QA System on Defect Warning

Based on the lithium battery pole slice slitting burr control system carried out by a large company, it is improved as a QA System on Defect Warning. The previous system is used to control six production lines. After improvement, each set controls one production line to increase the flexibility of application.

Based on the collection of a series of factors affecting defects in the production line, establish the model affecting defects, predict the future in the way of history, and fully bind the model with the corresponding production line through machine learning, that is, on this production line, the model accuracy is very high! When the model predicts that the products currently in production and not yet completed will be defective after production, the system will give an alarm at this moment. After the on-site operator verifies that the warning is true, the parameter combination will be optimized first. If the defective products are still difficult to eliminate, the worn parts, such as cutting tools and molds, will be replaced in advance, so that the products will become genuine after production.

According to our investigation, the market of this product is large enough, and Chinese governments at all levels have subsidies for Smart Manufacturing. As an Smart Manufacturing project, our team also has special personnel to declare Smart Manufacturing subsidies for customers.

Because there are a large number of customized models in Smart Manufacturing, the development cost of each set is large; Here is rewritten using the existing source program, and the sales price is only equivalent to 1 / 10 of the normal system development price!

For the technical details of this project, please refer to the following series of articles; If necessary, please contact our team to provide financing documents. A lot of information has been written in [patent file].

Full Coverage: QA System Based on Robot AI

Defect Warning System Series
Development case of lithium battery defect early warning system
Function and application of defect early warning system products
Customer requirements of defect early warning system
Technical consultation of defect data based on Prediction
Production process optimization based on defect early warning
Introduction to defect early warning system technology

II. New Generation Level 2

The Level 2 is widely used in the processing and production of various materials, such as the rolling of many plates. If there is no normal Level 2, the equipment will automatically stop running! However, corresponding to high-end materials, the accuracy of the model is very high, and the allowable variation range of each variable is very small. Therefore, it is necessary to add, such as microstructure model, intelligent self-study and a series of high-end software engineering technologies. The more expensive the raw materials are, the more the Level 2 is needed, because based on the online simulation function of the Level 2, everything is like normal production, but the equipment does not move, which can greatly reduce the defective products produced in the early stage!

The early model of this project has been developed by the inventor combined with a large amount of data from Germany and the United States, and has been verified on site. This project has been developed in Oregon company for more than two years, so that such defective products of the company have changed from every day to none during the return visit in half a year! The project has been developed in NISCO for more than two years. During this period, a grouping method based on the chemical composition of steel grades rather than purpose is designed. There are a total of more than ten groups of 150 steel grades, and each steel grade corresponds to 180 sets of specific model coefficient documents. Each model coefficient file originally has more than 100 data, which have been reviewed, and the bivariate learning under the guidance has been successfully applied, so that the model can achieve high precision and realize the high quality of hard and thin products. This set of models is very valuable for high-end materials and their applications!

Now, the customers of many enterprises in the United States and Canada have requested to develop this set of model software as soon as possible, and the soft elbow in the production of hard and thin products has been made up for!

The Level 2 is an Smart Manufacturing system for material processing and an equipment intelligent system (i.e. equipment software) for high-end equipment. With the addition of microstructure model, intelligent self-study and a series of high-end software engineering technologies, the technical level of these businesses has been greatly improved. The market of the new generation Level 2 is huge. For example, only from the perspective of high-end equipment, it can increase the export price of electromechanical equipment by 2-10 times (the case of 5g material production equipment of a world top 500 company: 6 times)!

There are many relevant technical documents, such as:

III. Breast Cancer Screening Equipment for Women

Although China accounts for 1/4 of the world's population, breast cancer accounts for half of the world's population. The proportion of breast cancer in China has increased by two times the world average. And in early detection of breast cancer, patients can basically be cured! Therefore, a more accurate breast cancer screening device can detect early breast cancer is very important.

This is Dr. Bakhtar's project to sprint for the Nobel Prize. He previously developed a large number of intelligent detection technologies for the U.S. military; In order to enable these technologies to apply for the Nobel prize, he chose to apply this technology to detect breast cancer in women. At present, the prototype has been produced, the development of hardware has been basically completed, and there are a large number of software source programs. In order to meet the requirements of the Nobel Prize, the inventor hopes that the head of the team will increase its intelligence and provide a certain amount of verification during on-site physical examination. In the United States, due to the personal privacy of medical treatment, user authentication of this device costs a lot; But in China, the cost of verification is relatively low.

When producing this equipment in China, the product cost can be reduced to at least 1 / 10 of the existing samples! Previously, in American laboratories, the prototype installed by high-end R & D personnel has high labor cost, and the prices of R & D parts and mass-produced parts are also very different! Therefore, this project has excellent investment value. After the completion of the project, a large number of equipment for breast cancer physical examination can be produced.



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