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Customer Requirements Of Defect Early Warning System

The defect early warning system is an excellent solution developed under the specific Chinese Smart Manufacturing environment and the specific technical advantages of our team. It eliminates the isolation between digital system and technical automation, and has three characteristics: strong customer demand, large market and large profit.

Supplement Of Defect Early Warning System To the Weakness Of Data System (MES, etc.)

Manufacturing Execution System MES is the main system of computer control at the workshop level. MES is mainly a digital system, although it has certain intelligence, such as generating production plans and printing product labels. Generally, the intelligence of MES is difficult to exceed industry 3.5. Although the industrial Internet is good at handling common data, it is still difficult to handle the customized models of various enterprises, products and processes. Other data systems have similar weaknesses.

MES data can show defective products, but can not automatically eliminate product defects. For example, when the MES of the production line knows that the defective products are produced, if it is not handled manually, the system will produce the same defective products as before. Although among the functions claimed by MES, when MES diagnoses defective products, it can weaken or eliminate defective products with the help of automation, no MES has been found to have this function so far! This either requires adding an intelligent system between MES and basic automation, or technicians provide intelligence to tell operators how to operate! Faced with a large amount of data on the board, it is difficult for operators to decide how to eliminate defects! Therefore, there is a saying in the industry that "MES cannot go down and automation cannot go up", which vividly describes this problem! At least it should be acknowledged that the interface between MES and automation is weak!

This problem can be solved by installing the mature defect early warning system developed by our team in various data systems (such as MES). This makes the MES project have a bright spot. At the same time, using the defect early warning function, when the online system is about to produce defective products, the system can know in advance. By changing the combination of production parameters, if it still fails, replace the worn parts (tools or molds, etc.), so that what should have been defective products can become genuine products!

The defect early warning system of our team is developed based on the production environment of a large electric vehicle / lithium battery. It is a key technology promoted in Shenzhen quality month. This concept has been applied in the consulting of many company technologies (such as an SMT).

Large Customer Profit

As defective products are a headache faced by every manufacturing enterprise, the waste of customers in this regard is huge. As a field customized project, the development cost of each intelligent system is very high. Because we are based on the rewriting of various source programs accumulated by more than 200 projects in the past, the development cost is greatly reduced! This team can solve such difficult projects, which is a great help to customers.

According to our experience in previous years, the profit margin of customers on such projects is usually more than 1000%, but there is a problem, that is, if their technology is not strong enough, it is easy to cause a series of accompanying problems. They may solve the existing problems for a few points, but it will cause other more complex and difficult problems. For customers, this is actually a potential harm, so customers usually choose enterprises with strong technology on such issues. Since we have completed more than 200 projects worldwide, our competitiveness in the market is strong enough! Because the accuracy of our model is higher than that of European and American enterprises, we have not met a real competitor in the domestic market!

Huge Market

After the installation of MES, the defect early warning system can connect any type of data, and the defect early warning system can also operate when the data quality is slightly poor, but the effect is slightly poor. Therefore, the defect early warning system can also operate when the current data quality is not high enough. Other data sources, such as industrial Internet system or other SCADA systems, can also interface with this defect early warning system. Therefore, hundreds of thousands, such as 500000, can use this system. Every enterprise in the manufacturing industry is faced with the problems of low product quality, serious defects and high defective rate. Any one can be our customer. However, we have certain requirements for the data quality of our customers and manufacturers with sufficient data can become our customers. Therefore, we estimate that about 500000 are with no problem.

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