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Example Of Smart Equipment Projects

Develop Equipment Software For Major Companies

The equipment in the domestic concept is considered as equipment hardware. In fact, the equipment should be equal to equipment hardware plus equipment software. Equipment software is a part of equipment with high technology and high value. Although the development cost of equipment software is only a small part of equipment hardware, such as 0.1% to 30%, it can increase the price of equipment by up to ten times or more! Compared with normal Smart Manufacturing system, the main advantage of equipment software is that equipment software can be sold in multiple copies with the equipment. For each piece of equipment sold, one piece of equipment software can be sold!

The equipment software can be regarded as an upgrade of the defect early warning system or a simplified version of the intelligent system. The development procedure of intelligent system can be as follows: first, develop the defect early warning system, upgrade the defect early warning system to equipment software three years later, and then further upgrade the equipment software to conventional Smart Manufacturing system with the gradual maturity of China's Smart Manufacturing environment a few years later, so as to realize all-round Smart Manufacturing.

It has cooperated with at least five world-class large companies to develop equipment software in Shenzhen, including building a series of software functions, SMT production line technology and equipment software development technology for 5g material production for its Smart Manufacturing team.

The force and energy requirements of the equipment must be met, and all parts of the equipment should also be determined according to the specific conditions of the machined parts, such as deformation characteristics. Therefore, a lot of calculation is required in the design of the equipment. We have several related computing software. For example, the figure shows a series of related software.


5G Material Equipment Software Development Case

The following is a practical case of 5G material equipment software development based on PI film for a world top 100 company. If the equipment based on 5G membrane technology is purchased, only the equipment based on domestic hardware technology can be used; However, if we adopt internationally advanced technology, such as Japanese technology, including equipment hardware and equipment software, it will cost 180 million RMB, six times!

There is only equipment hardware in China. On this basis, it is necessary to gradually reach 90% of the functions of developed countries, but the price is only 1 / 3. In order to reduce the project risk, the project is implemented in three stages. In fact, the integration of engineering and software in Japan is weaker than that in the United States and Germany; Combined with the engineering advantages of Germany and the software advantages of the United States, our team should be better than the United States and Germany; However, considering that China's machining technique is slightly weak and the software development ability of Chinese engineers may be insufficient, the comprehensive level is set at 90% of the same foreign products.

  • Phase I: simplify MES before the project is put into operation (about 5 months)
  • Phase II: defect early warning system (8-month project) in the first 8 months after putting into operation)
  • Phase III: 9-21 months after putting into operation, all-round Level 2 optimization (12-month project)

After the above development, the system achieves the following functions:

  • Preliminary functions of MES: data report, visualization and automatic arrangement of basic production guidance (label printing, etc.) production procedures, taking into account projects inside and outside the plan and urgent and priority projects
  • Product defect online prediction and early warning system, paperless and visualization of production workshop
  • Optimize the main production process of each section and complete MES
  • Development of production optimization system (secondary system), hardware optimization
  • Integration with other systems, refer to Europe countries, USA and Japan, all-round optimization, and level I / II / III / IV system integration (the level I / II / III / IV refer to the Basic Automation, Model/Logics System, MES and ERP)
  • The goal is to approach the level of production lines in Europe, America and Japan; Model surpasses Europe, America and Japan

The equipment and software technology of our team will be highly competitive (the company has printed the technology of our team into an album).

Compared with international advanced technology, equipment technology is often lost in concept. For example, as mentioned above, many equipment developers are actually equipment hardware. As a result, the price of advanced equipment software is much higher than that of hardware, because the ability of intelligent equipment (i.e. equipment hardware + equipment software) can be many times that of equipment hardware, Although the development cost of equipment software is only a small part of equipment hardware!  
Example: Recognition of the team's technology by one of the world's top 100 companies

The technology of the team if fully recognized by the top 100 (2021) of a world's Fortune 500, AMER group. The primary member have been invited as expert to participate in its China business (Xiangyang, Nantong, etc.) and international travel (visiting Europe, etc.). Below shows the printed brochure of AMER group in introducing our technology.


Project Cases

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