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Smart Manufacturing System Development Platform

Smart Manufacturing system platform is a complete technology formed by our team on the basis of a large number of Smart Manufacturing projects! The technical subject includes two parts: first, the model required by the industrial site can be customized, because the intelligent system usually includes 1 / 3 model and 2 / 3 scenario use cases; In each scenario use case, the model is called to solve the optimization problem in the production process. Scenario use cases are the sum of various problems traditionally solved by each engineer in the factory: when an intelligent system is adopted, an intelligent system includes all the things and solutions done by all engineers! This shows the difficulty of such system development! At this time, the responsibility of the engineer is to optimize the system: sit at the desk and observe the operation of the system. When problems are found, they should be solved immediately! Another technical point of the intelligent system lies in the integration with other systems. For example, as a secondary (secondary) system, the intelligent system should be integrated with the Tertiary System MES and the tertiary system ERP, as well as with the basic automation of the primary system! This function can also be customized based on the function of the system development platform! This development platform is based on the founder's more than 10 years of full-time model development and more than 20 years of model-based intelligent software development experience, especially based on a large number of application cases in the United States, South Korea and China.

The Level 2 is the intelligent system in the whole system! The Level 2 has been optimized for more than 70 years in large industries such as steel and chemical industry, and its functions are relatively perfect! However, with the gradual improvement of technical requirements, many functions are still difficult to meet the needs! For example, when producing hard, wide and thin products, there is a problem that the accuracy of the model can not keep up. This is a case handled by the team leader in Oregon company. At the same time, although the Level 2 only needs millions of dollars to develop, it is the nerve and brain of a production line of more than one billion dollars (more than 10 billion yuan)! With the change of process, product, continuous improvement of equipment and aging of equipment, it needs to be greatly improved every 5-10 years; Manufacturers usually throw away and reinstall a set every 5-10 years for convenience! For example, there are a large number of self-taught experts in the application of logic in the workshop, and they still solve a lot of mistakes in the application of logic in the traditional automation system from the perspective of the first-class team in the United States. Based on the above problems, our team has developed a new generation of Level 2 including microstructure model, intelligent self-study and continuous upgrading, which has filled the technical gap in the world!


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Contact us: Please contact Linkedin in www.Linkedin.com/in/intelli, OR scan the figure below to add Wechat (e.g. myQQfriend); Tel: (+1) 858 898 1288 or (+1) 858 6090468; E-mail BLiMetaverse@Gmail.com. See Profile of the key consultant.


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