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      Training Enrollment


1.Training: Software Architect AI Series (1)

1.1 Please Provide Payment Info

If you use bank account payment

Name: Benjamin Li
Bank: S&T Bank
Account Number: XXX
Routing Number: XXX (Need to install sth).

You should have a note: Training Series 1 + Your full name.

Note: Other ways for Payment

(1) You are also welcome to write me a check to my address: Benjamin Li, 5860 Barlett Str., Pittsburgh, PA 15217.

(2) You May also use  WeChat (account myQQfriend) and send me Chinese RMB based on Currency Exchange Ratio, and provide your enroll information.

(3) If you prefer certain ways of online payments, please send me an email.

(4) If you have certain difficulty, you may apply for later payment, lower payment or even no payment. Please sent an email to: bliMetaverse@gmail.com and state your reason.

1.2 Please Send me an email for enrollment

Email account: bliMetaverse@gmail.com
In this email you may identify the class you want to attend, the amount you already paid, your First Name + Last Name, etc.
Note: Start time: Mar 15, 2024; on every Friday

1.3 Please Pay attention to further Information

Software Used: ZOOM
Price for the1st series: US$45-$60 (Discounted price)
Exact Price: Last 2 Days US$60; March US$50; Feb. US$45
Discount: Last 2 Days US$60; March 1-13 US$50; Feb. US$45
Training language: English (100%)
Phone Number 858 898 1288
Email Address: bliMetaverse@gmail.com
Trainer Information: www.Meta4-0.com/BLi

2.This Training: Model, ML, MES, ERP

Software Architect AI Series
Series 1: Strategy
This is based on the 200 onsite projects I have completed.

(1) Process Modeling, based on my Double Ph.D.s (German Engineering 1995 + US Computer Science 2005).

(2) Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Micro-Services, etc., to increase model accuracy;

(3) Integration of Level 1 (Basic Automation), Level 2 (Model-based Process Automation), Level 3 (MES), and Level 4 (ERP) Systems;

(4) Strategy Design, & Application examples.

Start Time: 10 am on 3/15/2024 EST and then every Friday.
Total Times: 8 times in this Series (incl. Q&A).
Time Lengths: 40 Minutes each  (incl. Q&A).
Future Training: See further notice below in this page, or Linkedin, or others.

3.Further Training: Further 3 Series

Software Architect AI Series
Series 2: Software Architecture (Engineering Software)
Lithium Battery, Control, Modeling, Steel Level 2, Defect Warning - Principle, Defect Warning - Customized Model & Hardwarw, Industry Management, PI Film Projects, Equipment Software... (Time: after earlier series 2. Totally 8
times in this Series)

Software Architect AI Series
Series 3: Software Architecture (IT Basic Software)
Web, Data, AWS, Azure, Big Data, IOT, Database, Network, AI, OS, Supply Chain, ServiceNow, SalesForce ; SaaS/Paas/IaaS; Examples Business Models, etc. (Time: after earlier series 1. Totally 8
times in this Series)

Software Architect AI Series
Series 4: Selected Projects – Deep Discussion from the past 200 projects
(Time: after earlier series 3. Totally 8
times in this Series)

All Series/Projects may be under modification.

4.Training Class Strengths

Software Architect AI Series
Series 2: Software Architecture (IT Basic Software)

(1) Example oriented. The speaker has completed over 200 projects worldwide. Both in IT and Engineering, the speaker has a very solid background of them.

(2) Multiple Majors involved. The author earned Ph.D.s on both Computer Science and Engineering, and has 7 majors such as Process, Product, Automation, Equipment, Modeling, Data Process, and Software Architecture.

(3) World's technology collected. The speaker masters 4 languages: English, German, Chinese and Japanese. All the technology in the English speaking countries can be involved. In addition the speaker received PhD from Germany, and also published a book in German language, so the technology in the German language zone is also involved in this training. In addition, all technologies in Japan and China will be involved in this Training.

(4) English and No Accent. The speakers live in USA, its English is similar to a Native Speaker and is very good in pronunciation. The training is in English language. Please see www.meta4-0.com
for a set of methods for language learning.

(5) Speaker has completed over fifty times training (over 100 hours of training), has had over 100 PPT files and even collected over 1 million pages of related documents.

(6) If You like this training, you can continuous follow the series. There are 4 series already planned! You are welcome to suggest more valuable areas!


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Contact us: Please contact Linkedin in www.Linkedin.com/in/intelli, OR scan the figure below to add Wechat (e.g. myQQfriend); Tel: (+1) 858 898 1288; E-mail BLiMetaverse@Gmail.com. See Enrollment for Current Training Series.



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