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Practical Training Based on Smart Manufacturing Case - Trainer

German & American Experience

German doctor of Engineering (1990-1995)

  • Development of finite element artificial intelligence model (German DFG)

  • Book publication: finite element simulation of temperature / mechanics of materials with large deformation (1996, German Edition)

  • It creates a precedent for the application of finite element simulation in complex section production surface factory

Doctor of software (1995-2005)

  •  Morgan, more than 100 sets of production process models (1995-1999)

  •  8 years 30 computer courses, including on-the-job training (1998-2005)

  •  Software Engineer (cascat) + Software Consultant + 50000 page website + intelligent software

  •  Breakthrough in computer theory: OOP + SOA + enterprise windows, etc

Training qualification

  • More than ten relevant industrial 4.0/Smart Manufacturing trainings have been completed, such as several trainings of Shenzhen Small & Medium Entprise Bureau and the training of information directors of central enterprises; A complete set of Smart Manufacturing / industry 4.0 related tutorials has been designed

  • Visiting professor of Taiyuan University of science and technology, who goes deep into the field for technical / business exchanges all year round, and has at least one or two slide shows every month, with good communication and training quality

  • The training materials are based on the actual cases of Smart Manufacturing in European and American countries and the technical consultation on the common problems in the market or the practical problems brought by the trainees

  • For training and teaching, there is a complete set of methodology including determining needs, cultivating interest and paying attention to methods, so as to cultivate students' continuous learning ability and interest

See: Practical training based on Smart Manufacturing case - training experience

Main Items

  • 30 years of Smart Manufacturing / more than 100 individual and American teams

  • Projects in emerging industries in recent years: more than 10 examples

  • Website project: 50000 page Metal Pass  (Chinese version Meta4-0.com)

See: Completed enterprise field projects

Benchmarking customer

Technical supplier customer

  • Simak, Germany, pioneered the application of finite element artificial intelligence simulation technology at the factory level in predicting the shape of complex section profiles (such as rails)

  • Danieli, Italy, made full use of this set of simulation technology, and Dr. Li was invited to his Italian headquarters for cooperation and exchange three times

  • At present, Morgan, as its Siemens joint venture primetal, employs Dr. Li as the senior engineer in charge of the model. During this period, Dr. Li also developed more than 100 sets of Smart Manufacturing system models

Factory benchmarking customers

  • American / Canadian Oregon company, with defective products every day; There are no similar defective products in half a year after improvement

  • POSCO, Korea, based on the design of intelligent software developed by itself under nine constraints

  • China's NISCO has increased the utilization rate of equipment with an investment of more than 10 billion by 70%

  • China BYD, lithium battery burr defect online early warning system, and slitting tool initial notch detection and tool quality online tracking system. The tools are used in groups


  • There are 3 books and more than 30 papers, including 4 on behalf of American Metal Pass (co authored with Newman, etc.)

  • Technical recognition: Suzhou park leader (2020), Fujian top 16 (2018), Shanxi Top 100 Talents (2011), etc

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