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IT Solution Architecture
(General Software Architectures)


General Info (General Software Architectures/Personal Quality)

General IT/Software: Web, Networks, AWS, Azure, IOT/IOTT, SalesForce, ServiceNow, Supply Chain, Machine Learning, Java, AR/VR, PLM/MOM, Databases, ERP...

Personal Quality: 25 years onsite IT/Software, over 200 software projects completed, Ph.D. of US Computer Sci; Ph.D. of German Engineering (AI); Minor in Business for the German Ph.D. High quality & Low cost IT Architecture...

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Quite a portion of my over 200 projects completed during past years' consulting are the following Software Systems, see below. (Others in related platforms).

 - General Architecture: Author's architectural technologies summary; Primary work areas and frequent systems architecture; Tools often used; Work in selected industry; Industry Operations...

 - Web: Several dozens of software system were developed in web environments. With .Net, web-based systems can be developed in the same way the Windows based system do.

 - Networks: Great number of Network related system were developed, including the IT related and Services related.

 - AWS Software: Great number of software systems were developed in AWS environments. Initially since the Server was in data center and the clients were in production lines, the Cloud was the best solution...

 - Azure Software: Great number of software systems were developed in Azure environments. Many clients including myself mainly use Microsoft tool sets...

 - Cloud Software: Great number of software systems were developed with Cloud computing technologies.

 - IOT/IOTT: IOT for data collection is just as IOT/IOTT involves Level 0 (hardware), Level 1 (Basic Automation) and Level 2 (model-based process automation). Some reporting data are in Level 3 even Level 4. If signals of a vehicle is received, you need to identify whether the vehicle is a car or a military tank! Signal processing should be done in multiple Levels!

 - SalesForce: A set of integration tools are available! Further development in existing environments to extend SalesForce functions, for the application for the SalesForce were common projects in the past years.

 - ServiceNow: Another integration tools, mainly for Service related. As another application, the further development is mainly to extend ServiceNow functions, or for the application for the package.

 - Supply Chain: Setup of work environment based on SaaS was done for the subsidiary company of A1 (world's Top-70 company). Though developments of Equipment Software were done for A1 were completed, further work may be on the development of Equipment software for the Supply Chain companies. This would greatly increase the price for the products.

 - Java: Recent 5 software packages for industrial services were written in Java. Now Java already counts for 70% of the software system development, especially for cell phone or IOT devices, etc.

 - Machine Learning: Even 25 years ago ML was a key technology as I handle large Level 2 system (1 million lines of source code, for Steel processing or Chemistry transaction. Today ML with online data or data stream is the main reason mt process models achieve very high accuracy ...

 - More: E.g. AR/VR, PLM/MOM, Databases, ERP... I have completed over 200 projects in past years. Types of projects I completed were much more than the examples above. I also created systems for Data, MES, Industry 4.0 and Management, etc. and also Large systems.


***Architected Projects

(i) General IT Projects Architecture Details: Projects Architecture Details in general IT Software Development I have completed, dozens of pages to even over a 1000 pages for each design ...

(ii) Engineering Projects Architecture Details: Projects Architecture Details on Engineering Software Development I have completed, dozens of pages to even over a 1000 pages for each design ...



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