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In China

See my profile in www.meta4-0.com/consulting/BLi.htm.

(Writing for the time range before 2003)

Development projects done for the Defect Warning System during work summarized in USA, Germany and China etc. can be seen in About Me general.

General. What happened in my life is far beyond most people could ever imagine. Three big leaps in my life: entering the college, going to Germany for Ph.D., and coming to work in USA together with the later computer training, and three influence factors for success...... only the people in the same situation could understand the challenge in every step; also a short description of the family.

School and employment.  Always claimed the No. 1 in all classes, usually reach 100% in exam, rarely 99% throughout the fundamental and Junior high school. Two years' senior high school was filled with troubles with English class. Entered the University of Science & Technology Beijing. Was good in hobbies and sport, but not much interested in the studied major (I only studied for 1 month to prepare for the exams and spent the rest time on Literature...)

Road to education abroad. Was selected as top-30 best student that qualify state's scholarship for Ph.D. study abroad (In Germany I was actually financed by German DAAD foundation; my application was approved). One year's Germany language training. Selection was based on the criteria of morality (my activities in student association), intelligence (all scores was 'Excellence" - the only one in this year among the selected students) and physique (my excellence in sport including a championship). Particular advantage was in English.



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