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帶著您的愉悅心情, 遨遊這個夢幻國度.



The Dreaming World 梦幻的世界  
1 Flower Kingdom 鲜花的国度
2 Mountain in Flying Cloud 山在虚无缥缈间
3 Floating Cloud (Can be as Desktop) 浮 云(可作桌面画片)
4 Dreaming World 梦幻的世界
5 Blooming Flowers 盛放的花朵
6 Sun Rise? Sun Set? (1) 日升?日落?(一)
7 Sun Rise? Sun Set? (2) 日升?日落?(二)
8 Wind Mill Kingdom 风车王国
9 Mysterious World 神秘大自然
10 Life Inspiration (Slides) 生命的启示幻灯片
11 Winter Image (1) 冬日的思绪(一)
12 Winter Image (2) 冬日的思绪(二)
13 Winter Image (3) 冬日的思绪(三)
14 Taiwan View (1) 台湾山水图(一)
15 Taiwan View (2) 台湾山水图(二)
16 Taiwan View (3) 台湾山水图(三)

Fun 趣味素材

1 A Joke on Computers and Cars 一个关于计算机和汽车的笑话
2 Joke Collection (I), (II) 笑话摘选 (I), (II)
3 Joke Collection (III), (IV) 笑话摘选 (III), (IV)
4 Joke Collection (V), (VI) 笑话摘选 (V), (VI)
5 Joke Collection (VII), (VIII) 笑话摘选 (VII), (VIII)
6 Cat Fun 猫趣
7 Fun Animals (I) 有趣的动物(一)
8 Fun Animals (II) 有趣的动物(二)
9 How to Spend a New Year?Pdf 新的一年怎么过?Pdf
10 Eatable Beautiful WorldPdf 秀色可餐的世界Pdf
11 Lunch 午餐
12 Breakfast 早餐
13 Pig 2007 屁屁猪
14 Card-Guess 猜牌游戏
15 Friends 朋友
16 Joking Pictures (I) 搞笑图片(一)
17 Joking Pictures (II) 搞笑图片(二)

Blog 博客

1 Finger Loops Contains Life Code: It's not Superstition to Say Being Poor with One Loop and Rich with Two 指纹隐藏人生密码:一斗穷二斗富不是迷信
2 Flying Car - Future Without Traffic Jam 飛天汽車 - 不堵車的未來
3 Talk on German, US and Chinese Cultures 德美中文化之漫谈
4 Cheating Tricks in New York You Must Know When Traveling in US 旅美必读纽约十大骗术大揭秘
5 Creative, the Key to the Internet Success 创新, 网路成功之关键
6 Causes of the Chinese-Western Culture Difference 中西文化差异的根源
7 Hunting Dog Enterprising Log 猎狗创业志
8 Stories of Internet Businesses 网络公司的故事
9 Eight Tricks for Good Internet Business 八大诀窍 做好网络生意
10 16 Ministries Will Jointly Open the Door for Educated Chinese to Return 16部门将联合开通高层次留学人才回国绿色通道
10 Countries' Tax Rate Comparison 各国税率大比拼
12 What for is Every Day's Hardship - Someone's Life pursuit (a pdf image of my early diary) 终日奔忙只为何 - 某人的人生追求(我早年一页日记的复印件,Pdf)
13 What is the Ratio of CEO's Pay to Average Employee's? CEO 的工资是一般员工的多少倍?
14 Some Considerations on Taiwan Issue 关于台湾问题的一些思考
15 DDP's Delay Trick in the Mainland-Taiwan Relationship 民进党在两岸关系上的拖刀计
16 Can Chinese Economic Miracle Extend for 10 More Years? 中国经济奇迹能否延续十年?



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