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In Germany

See my Home Page, www.meta4-0.com/consulting/BLi.htm, for quick introduction. (Writing for the time range before 2003)

Development projects done in the past years on Information Technology (IT) can be seen in http://www.BenjaminLi.us. (Note: Benjamin Li is my legal name; most IT projects were done during my US stay). The physical address of this website is http://www.Meta4-0.com/BLi.

(Writing for the time range before 2003)

I studied in the Institut of Metalforming, Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg from October 1990 to September 1995, for Ph.D. TU Bergakademie Freiberg is the oldest school in the world in the area of metallurgy and mining. The study was financed by German DAAD foundation.

Studied Areas. Computer simulation of a metal forming process (hot manufacturing for sections) with FEM (Finite Element Method, a simulation technology). Thermomechanical models for flat rolling, angle steel rolling, H-beam rolling, and slab castrolling with liquid core;  excellent validation; establishment and validation of a simplified FEM model for rolling process simulation, which takes only 0.5% of regular computing time;  establishment of an Unix laboratory.

Research Results. Results were highly praised by top researchers (like R. Kopp, O. Pawelski and A. Hensel in Germany) and established businesses (e.g. Mannesmann Demag in Germany, Danieli in Italy). Pioneer of the industrial application of FEM in section rolling; A book published. The model would reduce 70% of the rolling tests; ... 

Research Funds and Environment. Scholarship from DAAD;  funds from DFG with workload for two full-time positions, though the work was done by myself; industrial funds from research partners (e.g.  then Mannesmann Demag, the then largest steel mill technology vendor in the world. The institute was the key research partner of Mannesmann Demag.

Ph.D. Procedure. Research stages; 8 - 12 months necessary for thesis composition; 3 - 5 months average period of evaluation by the committee;  Rigorosums (oral examinations) for the main major (Metal Forming for me) and a secondary major (Industrial Management as my selection); ...

What I have learnt. More cultural than academic. Researchers took their work as food and drink and this deeply affected me; I started to like my major and this has life-long effects on me, though until then I had been disliking the steel rolling as my major. Others like how to write a book, to write something familiar and unfamiliar. Frequent one-to-one work with some of world's top scholars. 

Others. Directed a Master student (as a 2nd Adviser) even in my early stage of Ph.D. study; maintained English language while learnt German; Frequently visited or received guests from, the world's top technology companies such as then Mannesmann Demag and Danieli, even with VPs and senior managers. Almost worked for Danieli, but was hired by Morgan with swift speed.


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