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  In USA

See my home page, www.meta4-0.com/consulting/BLi.htm, for quick introduction. (Writing for the time range before 2003)

(Writing for the time range before 2003)

Development projects done for the Defect Warning System during work summarized in USA, Germany and China etc. can be seen in About Me general.

Work for Morgan. Three days' interview with over 20 top managers including owners, including 6 hours talk with the senior VP in charge of technology. Good offer with signing bonus. The work was to develop process models based on Germany's 15-year research results and Morgan's Lab Mill data and worldwide data collection, aimed at solving problems of new rolling processes.

Mathematical Modeling & Software Development. Work on the steel rolling process modeling with establishment of an entire set of mill models, including metal and mill deformation, force and power requirements, and microstructure and rolled product properties; FEM analysis for mechanical and metallurgical parameters; decision and start on the evening computer training; start of web-based software development.

Work as Software Engineer. Got the job a week after the start of job search. Worked for years developing Level 2 software for steel mills, with 3 packages completed. Took computer classes in the evening. Also developed web-based mill applications with .Net even before the .Net was officially released. 

.Net training & metalpass.com. Microsoft .Net training with computer evening classes, for MCSD/MCAD for Web Application, MCSD/MCAD for Windows Application, and Microsoft Certified Database Administration (MCDBA). Some instructors were consultants for Microsoft. Development of metalpass.com during the training. Number of completed computer classes reached 30 (includes Computer Science in B.S., M.S. Ph.D. level & on Certification. Later I changed the web URL to www.metaldata.com and changed my consulting company to Metal Data LLC! I completed this on-job-training in 8 years (to qualify US Ph.D., less then 30 programming classes are needed, though total number of classes may be a bit over 30!)

Level 2 consulting for OSM. Worked as Level 2 software consultant for OSM (now EOS) to improve its Level 2 system, USA. Improved learning logics, added metallurgical principles, developed the so-called guided two-parameter learning procedure that works excellently for existing Level 2 system. Work also involved development of other automation systems. New-Generation Level 2 system with improved models, ML logics and advanced Software Engineering (e.g. the technology allowing computers to understanding engineering models) filled world's technology gap.

Back to the East & Road ahead. Back to the East after 10 years of software development together with 30 computer evening classes. Excitement and challenge; the moving trip and resource collection during the trip; sufficient capacity with my IT skills and prior modeling experience. Work plan on integrating models into software (Level 2/Level 3 model, Web-based, etc.) ...  I drove to the West in 1999 and come back to the East in 2007, 8 years of the dedicated computer training ...

A long long road then......

[The Year 2023] Time flies! Nearly 20 years have passed by, and I have completed over 200 projects worldwide, but the world has seemed to be changed: Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Digital Twin, Metaverse! Those were through Machine Learning, Modeling, Big Data, Cloud Computing! Where am I? One is certain: a combination of Modeling and Software Architecture has provided me with great potential! Through Level 2 System (can be considered a part of MES) I entered the entire MES! Machine Learning is always a part of work I do; and Cloud computing and Big Data are required in all areas. Even in Germany, my Institute considered me an "Informatik", which means a "Computer Guy"!




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