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Photo Album: Ph.D. Defense and Celebration

The examination process is strict, but the celebration afterwards was truly fun. Due to certain achievements in my project, over seventy people from industry and research institutes attended my Ph.D. defense. In the evening, I received over fifty guests in a restaurant for a celebration. I was pretty impressed. Later I learnt, that the institute had appointed Dr. Gert Goldhahn, a friend of mine, to start the preparation of the celebration two months before the event. Since the school is the oldest one in the world in the field of mining and metallurgy, lots of traditions still remain. (Click on each picture to enlarge it)

Asking questions Defense, chaired by the Dean.
Another round Announcing the success of defense
Congratulation from Prof. Lehnert Congratulation from Professor Hillibrand
Celebration - Beer (1) Celebration - Beer (2)
Celebration - Beer (3) Celebration - Food
Starting the programs with the joking by Prof. Hensel (my academic advisor) A new committee was formed, and I am required to start over for defense to receive my doctorate
Requesting to test the qualification of the committee; giving instruction for the test Read a Chinese idiom (in Ping Ying); If any Chinese native understands it, he (she) passes the test.
Tough questions from the committee Not only the academic, but also the physical tests were required.
Prof. Lehnert was revenging himself since he had failed the test of reading Chinese idiom in Ping Ying. He demanded everyone to hit me once! Defense successful?
My doctorate certificate from the committee... And doctor hat ..., with many things on it, including an erotic picture ...
... thanks for granting me the doctorate ... ... and I have even been granted as Dr. Libido, the angle advocate for the thin- and thick-wall problem zones ... (No wonder they put a sexual picture on my Doctor Hat!)
I remember I worked on angle steel and have invented a simplified five-minute model! (they asked lots of questions implying sex activity with the "five minutes". Anyway, I am  Dr. Li now. A review on signatures and the Ph.D. certificate granted by the party committee.


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