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Photo Album: Germany

This is a collection of photos taken during my Ph.D. study in Germany. The Institute of Metal Forming here had over 50 people. We worked from 6:45am to 3:30pm; as Ph.D. candidate we had to follow the regular office hour. Some Ph.D. candidates may be approved to serve as the secondary adviser of a Master student (Diplom-Ing.), as was in my case. Lots of parties and beer-drinking occasions, as indicated in the pictures. (Click on any image to enlarge)

Photo Album: Germany 1, Germany 2, Germany 3, Germany 4, Germany 5, Europe

In the institute Cooking a Chinese diner
In the office With Prof. Hensel (my academic adviser)
With Dr. Richter With Dr. Goldhahn (my colleague & friend; still in touch now)
Colleagues Colleagues
Coffee break (9am and 2pm daily) Coffee break
Beer competition (3 men and 1 woman per team) Beer competition (winner: our scientific asist. team, with a box of beer, 24 bottles, as prize)
With Olaf Fischer (was my student) Thomas Wutke (was my Master student) and his girl friend
Singing a Chinese song, in the Cabana (a student club) Weekend
Vacation in Nurnberg (Nuremberg) The view
Vacation in Bavaria (south Germany) Vacation in Bavaria (south Germany)
The blue Danube (I) - vacation The blue Danube (II) - vacation
In front of library The last lecture (die letzte Vorlesung) ***

Photo Album: Germany 1, Germany 2, Germany 3, Germany 4, Germany 5, Europe

*** The last lecture: by tradition, the last lecture (die letzte Vorlesung) is a celebration only. So the professor talks all kinds of jokes in the class. Beer and food are served for everyone. Students dress unusually, such as to combine formal jacket and tie with short pants.

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