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Three Times I Did something the world believes "IMPOSSIBLE"

- DFG Project: Simulation in so short time and with so good Results

Before the work, FEM Simulation of a rolling pass takes 3 days and thus too expensive for industry application. After the work the simulation for a pass only needs about 20 hours and thus acceptable by the industry. Especially, the simplified model only takes 5 minutes. Of course a Machine Learning is needed.

The hardest part of this projects mainly exists in the test verification of the FEM Simulation. Many believe, that even if I can do the simulation (of course it is very hard),  it is impossible to do the measurement of grids after six passes of hot rolling test. I did it in a very special way!

- EOS Project: New-Generation Level 2 System

A world's known figure, Dr. M. Gray, who serves as adviser to create national standards for USA, China and India on Micro-Alloys, once urged industry that the time is coming for us to consider Metallurgical Models (not limited to Mechanical models), to perform FEM for metallurgical simulation. At this time, my colleague, Dr. J. Nauman told him that Dr. Benjamin Li has already developed the model and it works very well in EOS in Portland, OR. Dr. M. Gray felt surprised and later became the technical adviser of Metal Pass. Apart from the metallurgical models, I also added Intelligent Learning (to break coupling) and Advanced software engineering (e.g.to let Windows understand my models), so I developed the New-Generate Level 2 System!

- BYD Project: Model Accuracy 98%

Neither Industry experts Nor my team members believed we could reach 85% accuracy of the model in the Contract because of the data quality. Team members also tried to quit as we met so many difficulties! But I have very high confidence since in the past in competition, my model always have a much higher accuracy over German companies not to mention US ones. I re-constructed the models and considered all possible factors, e.g. Six Sigma. Eventually I achieved 98% accuracy! It is far more than 85%!


  1. Published non-technical articles on various magazines including a University Press for which I served as the Chief Editor.
  2. Published several hundreds of introductory articles in the technology site www.Meta4-0.com.
  3. Intended to publish a biographical book "My First Half of Life" (Wo3 De Qian2 Ban4 Sheng1). This is to expand my writing in the sections "In China", "In Germany", and "In USA". More observations and experiences I have got in China, Germany and USA will be added. The book is also intended to help students to learn effectively, with my 35 years of learning experience. Potential materials I would add include those in the following sections.
    1. In China: the things I remember on the so-called Culture Revolution ended in 1977 ( I was too young to remember many); the student movement I experienced and observed from 1986 (Death of the former CCP general secretary Yaobang Hu) to 1989 (Tiananmen Square student incidence) - the life-long hurt in the deep feeling of my generation; the non-existence (or very minor incurrence) of the "Three-Year Natural Disaster" which caused 30-40 millions of Chinese to die of hunger, with the personal experiences of my mother and my uncle (the brother of my mother, a then official of local government). Many families disappeared after four months without eating any grain. Finally my mother could not move any more; she could not go out to look for wild vegetables and grasses to feed my one brother (four years old) and two sisters (two and six years old), which means they four were all going to die, like those in other families. (Whenever I think about this, my tears come out, just like my mother). My father was a forced laborer at the time. A kind-hearted neighbor helped my mother to steal grain from the field (farmland), and this saved my family. Both the neighbor and my mother are still alive and can be the witness. There was NO natural disaster in my hometown and the grain in the field was growing well - though one third of villagers died! (Researchers, please check the weather in that region. Location: Fengyang county, Anhui province, China. Time: 1960, in the Spring. My hometown is about 10 miles east of the Fenyang city). I sometimes compare two persons: Hilter actually treated his people (the German) well, but Mao didn't! (What happened in my home town in 1960 was, as I heard, that all the grains received from the field were sent to the government, so many farmers died in the long, cold winter without anything to eat!)
    2. In Germany. I witnessed the political and economic events in Germany in the early 90s, during its political victory (the Germany reunification) and economic trouble. German actually went to too much extreme in many ways - more extreme than Chinese - in clearing out former communist members. The sentiment against foreigners in Germany was initialized by German government - though with different intention. Germany's refuge protection policy, especially for political refugees, used to be one of the best in the world. With the collapse of the East-European economy, senior German officials wanted to gain sufficient support to modify its refuge protection policy. In 1991 to 1993, senior officials often appeared in TV to speak on foreigner problems. For me, maybe because my family got too much political troubles for no fault, and maybe I just came out from the environment of student movement for years, I quickly got the unusual smell and gained a sense of self-protection. In the Spring 1992, as I returned to Germany after a vacation in China, I actually took lots of English books with me. With the deep disappointment and despair to the then Chinese government for what it did in 1989, most Chinese students abroad didn't want to return to China. In USA, right after the incident of the June 4, 1989, tens of thousands of Chinese students applied for permanent residency and got approved by US (Chinese government used to protest against US in this event).
    3. In USA. USA is an excellent place for new immigrants. The discrimination against foreigner is minimal (in the Eastern), or none (in the Western), compared with those in Europe or Asia. As long as you have your Green Card, you, just like every American, enjoy its benefits and suffer from the bad things. Many people know its good things, so I would like to mention something bad, to be different. For example, every year, the US government destroys tens of thousands of families for its nonsense policy! Crazy? It is true. Ever since Simpson (wife-murdering) case, US goes to another extreme. In a family dispute, if one party, usually the wife in anger, thinks the other party is violent, she could dial 911 to report to the police; and as long as she does, this family has very little chance to survive! Then the government will be prosecutor and plaintiff, and the wife is the witness. The wife is required by the law to appear in the court; otherwise she is assigned with arrest warrant for contempt of court and can be arrested at any time. If she said something different in the court, she would be punished by the law for making false 911 report. Most wives, for their own protection, can do nothing but to follow the prosecutors. The husbands, allowed neither to live at home nor to contact the wives in the legal processes, usually believe that their wives are helping government to punish them and thus also select to go divorce. The more extreme thing is that, before Spring 2004, even if the wives refused to appear to be the witness in the court, the case still could not be dismissed. We all know usual criminal case can be dismissed if there is no witness. Most families were destroyed simply because the lack of knowledge of this kind of nonsense law! Another example, if you return home from work and see your wife naked with another guy in the bed, and you go to hit that guy, you would lose a lawsuit against you from that guy, for assault!

    (Depending on availability of my time, I would add more things, good or bad, to this site.)






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