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Photo Album: Scenic & Architecture

Most pictures I took in the past years in Europe were actually on the positive films (for slides), rather than on  the negatives (for paper photos). Many German like to make a slide show after a vacation, especially a foreign vacation. For this reason I was using my primary camera to photograph slides. The pictures on Europe I have uploaded to this sites were in fact taken with a cheap camera I simply bought in Vienna as I had the vacation there. You know, everything is more expensive there than in Germany (though the people's income is lower than German's).

I am amazed with the European architecture and the natural scenes. Those slides (positives), several dozens of rolls, would be scanned and uploaded onto this website. My three scanners were purchased to process text rather than photo, so the quality for slide scanning is limited. Please come back to see the primary pictures I have taken; also I welcome suggestions on how to effectively scan slides.

For now, I have a slides show for the Grand Canyon. The pictures were taken during my recent trip to the west coast, from the sky.

European Senic Photos, Part 2 This part has 23 Photos  
European Senic Photos, Part 1 This part has 30 Photos  
Grand Canyon Slides Show 91 pictures, taken recently from airplane, on 12/27/07 in the afternoon. Sun shining, picture quality: very good.  


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