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Skills Summary in Multi-Level Automation


  • 20+ years with integration of Basic automation (Level 1), Process Automation (models and know-hows, Level 2, considered as a part of MES), MES Management (Level 3), and ERP/SAP (Level 4);
  • Up to 20+ years on various MES packages e.g. Rockwell FTPC, Opcenter, Werum, Apriso;
  • 20+ years on New-Generation level 2 system consisting of Industrial Know-How models, Intelligent ML and advanced software engineering;
  • 25+ years on Level 2 system (Model-based Intelligent System, with source code up to a million lines);
  • Robot training, with logics extracted from Level 2 system; also with Custom, Fundamental School , Middle School, College, etc.
  • 15+ years on PLM & MOM, etc.
  • Clients: E1, N1, B1, A1, S1, etc.



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