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Skills Summary in Software General


  • 20+ years on mirroring Data Structure, DevOps, Class, Global/Local Parameters and DBMS into one set, so number of parameters drips to 1/10, and manageable with REDIS
  • Clients: E1, C1, N1, B1, A1, etc.
  • 20+ years on C/C++, Java, VB.Net, C# & Python (EOS, NISCO, BYD, etc.) ;
  • 15+ years on Kafka, R, Python
  • Clients: C2, S1, T1, M1, etc.
  • Up to 20+ years on SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, No-SQL, etc.
  • Clients M1, C1, B1, E1, B2, etc.
  • 20+ years on Open Source e.g. GitHub, & Scripting Languages (HTML, XML, Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, VB Script, Shell Script, PowerShell)´
  • Clients: Major clients


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