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Solution Architect, Metal Pass LLC

September 2002 - January 2012

•E1 Projects (as long-term, full-time consultant), in Portland, Oregon. Intelligent systems to fix product defect problems (from every day earlier, to total elimination). Developed New-generation intelligent system that filled world¨s technology gap, applied Microservices, etc. and modified large system (1 million lines of source code), etc.

•P1 (the largest steel manufacturer in Korea) Projects, with nine constrains in an upgrade project to add equipment in an existing production line.

•N1 Projects. Modified the large system (over 1 million lines of source code) to increase investment utilization to 95% (max.) from initially only 25%, for its $10 billion capital investment! Models, Microservice, SOA, DBMS, ETL, etc. were applied.

•Metal Pass Website Projects: metalpass.com with 50,000 dynamical pages based on .Net. Other technologies used include JavaScript, CSS, XML, SQL Server, MDM etc.

•Development of the New-Generation Intelligent System: with ca. 20,000 models, reflects real world case; the special upgrades costs only 10% of new installation!



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