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Computer Science Courses Completed


Computer Science Courses Completed: www.metaldata.com/bli/home/programcourses.htm (with Training class materials, Home work & projects completed, etc.)

  • Microsoft .NET: Visual Basic.NET (MS 2373), ADO.NET (MS 2389), ASP.NET (MS 2310), COM+, .NET Services (MS 2557), XML Web Services Using ASP.NET (MS 2524), VB .NET using .NET Framework (MS 2565), etc.;

  • Database/SQL Server: Implementation of DBMS (MS 2070), Querying SQL Server 2000 (MS 2071), Administering SQL Server 2000 (MS 2072A), Programming SQL Server 2000 (MS 2073);

  • Microsoft Visual Studio: VB5/6, C, Data Structure with C, Graphics, C++, MFC, OOAD, NT OS Programming with MFC, etc.;

  • System, Development and Infrastructure: Network (New Horizons), Windows 2000 (MS 2151), Shopping Cart, HTML, Database, Java, FORTRAN, C Shell, UNIX, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Development on SOA, OOP, COM+, Sys. Upgrade, etc.


1. From www.metaldata.com/bli/home/programcourses.htm, when you click on a class name, you will be linked to class materials such as Class purpose, Class required fundamentals, Class Introduction, and Assignments with most of my solution source code available.

2. Technical breakthroughs has been made. (1) Other software developments, e.g. a list of projects beyond training classes were available online, www.metaldata.com/bli/home/softwareprojects.htm; 50,000 pages of website (www.metalpass.com, under update), were also developed parallelly. (2) Through mirroring of Data Structure. Properties in a class, global and local parameters, and tables in a DBMS, I cut down the number of Parameter definition to 10%, e.g. in EOS (Portland, OR) case, from 500 pages (A4/Letter) to 50 pages (in every page about 60 Parameters were defined). (3) Advanced software engineering (one of the three features in New-Generation Level 2 System), in which through install COM+ code into Windows, I managed to let MS Windows understand engineering logics!

3. Number of pure programming classes in Ph.D. Program of US Universities are much less than 30; Other non-programming classes such as Mathematics, Philosophy and Data Analysis, have been completed by me in my 1st Ph.D. program; so my Programming skill is actually Higher than a Ph.D. of Computer Science.


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