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Software Architecture Projects

Summarized from My Past Projects.

1. Basic Automation/Level 1 System: PLC based basic automation, customized on PLC-suppliers¨ e.g. RSView or WinCC (or directly supplied by PLC vendors).

2. Process Automation, Model-based system with Machine Learning (Level 2 system), consisting of process/product models and their application Use-cases/User scenarios , aimed at process/equipment/product optimization; it accepts instructions from MES and provides set points to Level 1 with its results for process optimization; it is the key area for smart manufacturing.

3. MES/Level 3/MOM/PLM Systems: production planning, data integration & quality tracking, engaged in product design, quality tracking, quality optimization and production planning, as well as customized orders from web. Most functions of today's MES fall into Level 3 category. My key area now is to fully use MES data to improve product quality.

4. New-Generation Level 2 system: Developed in the 2000s in USA with German engineering models and USA software technology to fill in the world¨s technology gap. It includes Nano/microstructure model, intelligent self-learning and advanced software engineering (customized windows and uninterrupted upgrade, etc.).

5. Industrial 4.0 System: consisting of Intelligent System and Online Customized Order System, etc.

6. Cloud computing (AWS/Azure) projects, applied when flexible internet resources are needed or application servers is not in the same cities with the clients, etc.

7. Big data projects, applied with large amount of data, or stronger CPU is needed, etc.

8. Data architecture/data processing projects, with data collection, data processing & data design (engineering, supply chain, Banking, Insurance, Medical, IOT/IIOT, PPT/Sales, etc.).

9. A Finite-Differential-Method (FDM) software package with online self-learning, for temperature prediction.

10. A Simplified Finite-Element package combined with closed-loop self-learning developed to optimize the manufacturing design.

11. Mobile Network Technology: established with engineering modeling & machine learning, etc.

12. Web-based Software Packages: Over 20 design packages to perform easy and automatic design of engineering solutions.



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