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Metal Pass team has accumulated a lot of achievements in technology development in the past few decades. A considerable part can be provided to qualified customers of Metal Pass team. These achievements include two types: those written in Chinese and those written in English, German and other Western languages. The production of achievements involves a large amount of R & D expenses or travel to sort out materials in various countries all over the world. We charge a small amount of fees, as described below.

(I) The achievements written in Chinese are (not limited to the following list, please contact us):

(1) More than 200 intelligent manufacturing books (Electronic Edition) abroad, charging half to 1 / 4 of the book price;

(2) Millions of pages of technical data related to intelligent manufacturing, such as modeling data, corresponding data and models. These materials are collected from libraries in the United States, Germany, Canada and other countries, and are copied and scanned into an electronic version. Symbolically charge a small amount of fees (including data sorting fees and a small part of travel expenses in early years);

(3) More than 100 sets of intelligent manufacturing training courseware ppt (each set can provide lectures for 1.5-2.0 hours) are intelligent manufacturing all over the world (industry 4.0, rather than digital manufacturing industry 3.0 or basic automation industry 2.0 understood by many people);

(4) The scheme of the project has been completed. After the completion of each project, we usually organize the data into the format of books (chapters / sections, etc.); For example, BYD has accumulated two books (about 200 pages each) and more than a dozen sets of ppts (each for 1.5-2.0 hours of explanation) after the completion of a batch of contracts.);

(II) The achievements written in English are (not limited to the following list, please contact us):

(5) English materials describe the deformation field measurement of large deformation section steel rolling by German finite element artificial intelligence and the method that can be used for today's machine learning;

(6) A large number of data sources developed into more than 100 sets of models (German data, American data and self-developed data, etc.);

(7) Developed into more than 100 sets of models and their application cases;

(8) Details of the development scheme of three secondary systems in the United States (three secondary systems of electric furnace, refining furnace and continuous casting, i.e. intelligent system);

(9) The microstructure model of the new generation of secondary system, intelligent self-study and high-end software engineering, etc.

(10) For published books, such as the second English book, if you buy them online directly, the price of each book is more than 2500 yuan, but the price of the information obtained from me is very small!

(III) Materials sorted in English (both my own research and development and the achievements of my colleagues):

This is a marketplace for research results in engineering related areas. It is designed for you as researchers to sell your results, of you as general visitors to download the research results you need on a fee-basis.

Simulation: Research results on process modeling and simulation, CAD/CAE/CAM, Finite element method, etc.

Metallurgy & Materials: For research in broad areas on metallurgy, metallurgical engineering, material science, material engineering, etc. except for metal working (or metal forming).

Metal Working: Metal working (or metal forming) areas, except rolling. This includes forging, extrusion, drawing, sheet forming, welding, etc. Both hot working (hot forming) and cold working (cold forming) are covered.

Automation: Industrial automation, control system, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 systems, etc.

Rolling: Flat rolling, shape rolling, hot rolling, cold rolling, roll pass design, rolling process modeling, etc.



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