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Automobile Industry Project Examples

Covered Areas

Projects cover examples in W1, one of the largest auto parts supplier, on Big Data, Modeling, Defect Identification, etc.; B4, a German-brand electric car manufacturer, on Intelligence, Battery Application, etc..

Double Ph.D.s on US Computer Science, USA (eqv) and German Engineering (AI); Lead Solution Architect with over 200 Projects completed in 25 years of career; 3 Books, 4 languages, and 7 Academic Fields with each one having a field experience of 3 years.

Projects Examples in Automobile Industry

I am from the Automobile Industry. My former research institute in Germany, Institute of Metal Forming, uses a car as the sign - when open the car, all elements can be produced with the institute's technology! So in the initial stage, I am in the Automobile industry. Primary reason for advancement of automobile industry is good work of several Institutes of Metal Forming. I received Ph.D. from the institute.

Technologies on Metal Forming. Later, I have created various technologies on production process optimization. This is related to all metal forming fields. My work now covers at least 7 academic fields: Process, Product, Equipment, Automation, Model, Machine Learning, and Software, etc.

Technologies on Lithium Battery. The two key fields of the electric car production: Car elements and Lithium Battery! Lithium battery is the new area so I have worked in the field for many years, e.g. for both company B1 and T2, the world's largest electrical car companies. In particular, I started the Defect Warning system to improve product quality!

Examples of Electronic Car Projects

(1) Lithium battery manufacturing: Designed and developed Defect Warning System during 3 work contracts in company B1, the top-2 electrical car manufacturing in the world. I optimized manufacturing process on Lithium battery processes, to reduce defects.

(2) Company T2, also the top-2 electrical car manufacturing in the world: Projects similar to company B1's. Lithium battery manufacturing modeling, burr defect detection, software architecture, etc. for both the Gigaplant in Reno, NV, and Research center in CA.

(3) Company B4 car company, a German brand, on consulting with car body manufacturing, and technologies to change of traditional car to electrical car. The change mainly is to replace oil-burning motor and mechanical transmission system, to a electrically driven motor, by supplying battery pack under the car.

(4) Company N1 Car Rental company, car quality and defect detection.

(5) Related work can also be seen in Retails & Insurance and Smart Manuf./Li. battery. For further experience, see the Top Table.

Further more: On Automobile available online.

***Architected Projects

(i) General IT Projects Architecture Details: Projects Architecture Details in general IT Software Development I have completed, dozens of pages to even over a 1000 pages for each design ...

(ii) Engineering Projects Architecture Details: Projects Architecture Details on Engineering Software Development I have completed, dozens of pages to even over a 1000 pages for each design ...



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