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Materials & Equipment Projects Examples

Covered Areas

Project examples extracted are e.g. a world¨s Fortune 500 ranking Top-100 company, to develop equipment software for 5G materials & for airplane manufacturing (with Fokker in Netherlands), Data and Intelligence, and Tiannuo, the thin film coating lines since 2012 (equipment from USA), on modeling/intelligent system, data, etc.

Double Ph.D.s on US Computer Science, USA (eqv.) and German Engineering (AI); Lead Solution Architect with over 200 Projects completed in 25 years of career; 3 Books, 4 languages, and 7 Academic Fields with each one having a field experience of 3 years.

Projects Examples in New Materials & Equipment Industry

Software for Material Processing. High level materials usually have narrower production temperature range. An intelligent system is usually created to control the production temperature range. Parameters are usually measured, either the temperature itself, or the temperature dependent properties, to be used to judge the temperature.

Equipment Software Development. With the equipment software, the cost of equipment is even six times of the equipment without software (with only the equipment hardware). This is from the example of A1 Group; its President often mention an example they experienced during a purchase. Price of a production line usually depends on whether the equipment software is supplied, and what for a technical level it is to achieved.

Project Example for Equipment Software in 3 phases. In the project for A1 company, I was asked to design a equipment software in three phases:
(1) Basic function of digital manufacturing (achieved the major MES function)
(2) Partial models were used, so the production can quickly reach a certain technical level
(3) Full models were used (about 50 sets of models of a 5G material), so the technical level of an international supplier is reached, while the cost was only about a half!

Project Example for New Materials. In a project of PI film (some PI films belong to 5G materials) from A1 company, I was asked to supply a set of technologies. Since PI was initially developed by a US company, I checked my Linkedin connections (profile Lithium Battery and Advanced Materials).  I found that over 20 key persons from this company is linked with me, including most of the VPs in the main company, and most of CEOs and VPs in its subsidiary companies.

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