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Retails, Rental & Insurance Projects (K1, B4...)

Covered Areas

Projects cover examples in e.g. Cars for National rental center, on Borgward rental car parameter modeling.

Double Ph.D.s on US Computer Science, USA (eqv.) and German Engineering (AI); Lead Solution Architect with over 200 Projects completed in 25 years of career; 3 Books, 4 languages, and 7 Academic Fields with each one having a field experience of 3 years.

Projects Examples in Retails

I worked for company K1 Clothes Retail business to determine, for each sales office, how many is the total number of the clothes as the best number. Also I work for company B4 car as the Rental Car in a rental business.

This is to use a technology of Intelligent Retail: Determine amount of goods a certain sales office can Sell out, so to determine the total amount goods a sale office should buy in every month. In this case is the company K1 sales offices.

The company K1, a clothing manufacturer, on intelligent supply chain which provides best number of clothes for each sales office, and Big Data, Machine Learning, Java & Python, etc. From this example, it has been digging it the intelligent supplier chain. A number of talk show were also made for Supply Chain clubs.

A model is established to determine its sales ability for clothes, based on a list of influence factors. Through machine learning with the online data or data stream, the model can be very accurate. With the accurate model, software was developed to optimize every aspect retailing (I use ML with online data or data stream in a totally different way than the offline data).

Projects on Rental & Insurance

Similarly, a rental office is to consider the same factor.

Insurance company needs to consider the actual cost and income, to determine the Insurance price. The company B4 cars used for renting in National Rental company. This has used the similar methodology.

Further More: On Retail/Rental/Insure available online

***Architected Projects

(i) General IT Projects Architecture Details: Projects Architecture Details in general IT Software Development I have completed, dozens of pages to even over a 1000 pages for each design ...

(ii) Engineering Projects Architecture Details: Projects Architecture Details on Engineering Software Development I have completed, dozens of pages to even over a 1000 pages for each design ...



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