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All kinds of intelligent manufacturing

Technical articles on broad areas of metal working. The papers cover both fundamentals for the entry-level engineers, and advanced topics on recent development in the area.

Fundamentals: Fundamentals on metal working or metal forming. Topics include plasticity, flow stress, metal flow, metal deformation ability, microstructure, recovery, recrystallization, thermomechanical processing, near-net-shape manufacturing, etc.

Flat Rolling: Topics related to the flat product manufacturing, hot or cold, including continuous strip production, flatness control, protective coating, tin-mill products manufacture, etc.

Shape Rolling: Everything in a steel mill that manufactures of wire rod, bar, sections, tubes, etc. Topics include manufacture processes (reheating, rolling, controlled cooling, and finishing, etc.), rolling mill equipment (roughing mill, intermediate mill, finishing mill, Mini Mill, rolling block, water box cooling, Stelmor process, beam-blank casting and other near net-shape production, etc.), roll pass design and rolling process modeling, and so on.

Forging: Manufacture processes with forging, ferrous and nonferrous; all forging industry related topics.

Drawing/Extrusion: Both drawing and extrusion related topics, manufacture processes, equipment, etc. 

Sheet Forming: Manufacture processes, technologies, machinery, etc. with sheet forming.

Others: All topics beyond the above mentioned ranges, such as furnace and heating technology, other metalworking processes, etc.



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