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Main Development Products


1. Metal Data industry 4.0 system: including Metal Data intelligent system and online customized order system; Metal Data intelligent system includes Metal Data quality package, Metal Data Technology Library and Metal Data three-level automatic control system.

2. Metal Data quality package: model the main defects of the products of the manufacturing production line and the defects of previous material processing, combine the model with the process / product optimization system, run on the upper layer of basic automation, avoid defects through closed-loop control, optimize process combination and reduce the defective rate.

3. Metal Data lithium battery quality package: it is the lithium battery industry version of Metal Data quality package. It focuses on modeling the main defects in the production of lithium battery cell materials, predicting the defects, and using Metal Data quality package to avoid defective products through closed-loop control. (at present, when defective products are found in domestic quality inspection, the loss has been caused, so it should be predicted and avoided in advance).

4. Metal Data Technology Library: including system diagnosis (focusing on remote diagnosis), model optimization and R & D platform. The focus is based on online model, and the initial version is based on offline model.

5. Metal Data mobile network technology: in 2014, Metal Data successfully realized the interface between its mobile network technology, especially wechat technology and Metal Data three-level automation system; This not only realizes the simplicity and ease of use of the powerful functions of Metal Data system, but also realizes the effective transmission of European and American R & D achievements to Asian / Chinese manufacturing production lines.

6. Metal Data primary system: the basic automatic control system based on PLC is developed on the platform of PLC supplier such as RSView and WinCC; Some automation / equipment suppliers directly provide such basic automation systems.

7. Metal Data secondary system: a system based on the production process model and used for process / equipment / product control optimization, which accepts the instructions of the tertiary system and provides setting parameters for the primary system in real time; This is the main product of Metal Data.

8. Metal Data three-level system: a business system engaged in product design, quality tracking, quality optimization and production planning, as well as the demand for online customized orders, so as to provide design guidance for the two-level system; The functions of the three-level system basically overlap with MES, except that MES only focuses on data acquisition and display, while the three-level system focuses on production control (each MES has no production control function in the definition of MES so far).

9. Metal Data three-level automatic control system or Metal Data three-level computer control system: including Metal Data's primary system, secondary system and tertiary system. It is the highest level of Metal Data technology series and the main technology of Metal Data. The automation system technology of computer control has been bred since the 1950s, and the unmanned control of the whole computer has been successfully realized by the 1980s. Because of the contradiction between the speed of automatic real-time control and the time of large-scale model operation in the whole computer control in the 1980s, a three-level computer control system was realized in the 1990s; Since the 1990s, Metal Data has inherited this set of technology in the industry, expanded it with its own model advantages, and took the lead in introducing cutting-edge technologies such as micro / product model in the 2000s.

10. New generation secondary system: the secondary system technology developed in the United States in the 2000s by combining the advantages of German engineering model and American software to fill the world's technical gap, including microstructure / nano model, intelligent self-study (empirical model + neural network + expert system) and high-end software engineering (enterprise windows and continuous upgrade).

11. Metal Data industrial upgrading scheme Library: a set of technologies that simplify the above Metal Data quality package, Metal Data Technology Library and three-level automatic control system and are suitable for the industrial upgrading of China's manufacturing industry are collectively referred to as the industrial upgrading scheme library. The interface between this scheme library and lithium battery production line is well developed, including corresponding data acquisition tools, process parameter model and product quality model.

12. Six secondary systems and one tertiary system for lithium battery manufacturing process optimization (customized and developed at the request of BYD): Based on more than 100 sets of lithium battery process parameter correlation models and defect models developed by Metal Data in recent five years.

13. Software package for design and optimization of production equipment and processing technology to improve product shape, yield, output and product performance.

14. Temperature control optimization software package based on finite difference method and online self-study.

15. The closed-loop control / self-study online system of simplified finite element model is combined to optimize the intelligent design and self-study feedback of deformable body / deformation equipment design.

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