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【Little Knowledge】
How is Web Browsing Realized- From the Perspective of Domain Name


The net name of the company's website is the domain name. There are several types of domain names for sale, and the general list can also be seen on the special domain name page; This page is more specifically attached with domain names in different fields. The specific domain name and price for sale shall be subject to the attachment on this page.

Domain name and its application: the company needs website and domain name

In this digital age, companies must have websites, which is the embodiment of normal companies in the world! The name of the website is the domain name. Put the company's products and other information on the Internet, and then point to this content with the domain name, you can find this content in the search engine (Baidu, etc.), or directly inform the customer of the address. This is the most economical and effective way of sales. The website hosting fee only accounts for a few thousandths of the online promotion fee of large companies, which is almost free. The quality of a domain name lies in its simplicity. Although we have registered domain names in the United States since the beginning of the Internet in the 1990s, the best domain names are Com series, but even at that time, it was difficult to leave this series of good domain names!

The simplicity of the website is an important factor. The existing online marketing platform is very expensive and costs tens of thousands of yuan a year. It's not worth it! The simpler the domain name, the easier it is to remember. For example, baidu.com, the domain name of Baidu com. There are many kinds of domain names, but the most fundamental domain name is Com series, there is only one set in the world. After registration, there will be no more! Over the years, as long as you can think of the domain name, it has already been registered!


Since the beginning of the Internet, domain names have been registered since the 1990s

I have registered domain names since the beginning of the Internet in the 1990s. Because they are engaged in the steel industry or metal industry, the registered domain names are mainly steel related or metal related.

The domain name parking fee was US $25 per year in the early years, about 200 yuan; Since then, it has been close to $20 a year, about 120 yuan. Assuming an inflation rate of 8%, the parking fee for each domain name is 14076 yuan since 1995 and 7187 yuan since 2000. At present, the selling price of two field domain names on the Internet is between 10000 and tens of thousands of yuan. The selling price of the domain name here is only 1 / 3 to 1 / 2 of the parking cost!

Domain Name Use

Website hosting costs tens of yuan per year, which is almost ignored! After buying a domain name, you can always point to web pages or online marketing materials. Metal also means money. For example, the famous London precious metals exchange uses the word "metal".

Contact Information

Wechat: myqqfriend; Tel: 1343069903 or 13400064848; E-mail BLi68@QQ.com ; website www.Meta4-0.com Com company guide.

Attachment Download

Various R & D related domain names:
Domain-R & D.pdf

CAD/CAE/CIM Related domain names:

Steel related domain names:

Steel related domain names:

Domain names related to metallurgical enterprises:

Smart Manufacturing and other domain names:



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