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Metal Data Four Industries 4.0 Brain

First Brain: Metal Data Quality Management "Brain"
-- Defect prediction model (standardized application test package + on-site customized development)

It has advanced and mature system risk accurate diagnosis, defect model to reduce the defective rate and closed-loop control. At the same time, it can improve the technical level of the factory and improve the three-level automation system in combination with the R & D technology library;

Automatically use the collected data for artificial intelligence model self-study, avoid a series of possible self-study logic problems, and obtain high-quality model coefficients; With the progress of calculation, the defect changes are tracked online and the accuracy is improved independently;
(BYD applied Metal Data's "defect management model" and solved the industry problems of lithium battery for many years. After applying the model scheme, a can making equipment company is expected to save 1.82 million defective products per year)

Second Brain: Metal Data Basic Automation Optimization "Brain"
--Cost reduction in key manufacturing industries

Combine with the production guidance system of the Level 2, match relevant functions, and provide variable optimization parameters for automation; The target parameter is to reduce 50% of troubleshooting personnel and 50% of robot programmers;

Group the key equipment of the factory, such as cutting tools, establish the prediction model of equipment life and equipment quality, accurately predict and track the quality status of the equipment, warn the upper limit of defects in its use process, and establish corresponding solutions to accurately optimize the use and replacement cycle of the equipment;

(the goal is to reduce the number of factory operators, improve the factory capacity and optimize the use of equipment: Nangang model: increase the equipment utilization rate by 80% and the accuracy of production plan by 30%; Wuxi Weifu model: optimize the tool application and service life scheme)

Third Brain: Metal Data China Core "Brain"
--Chip core intelligent algorithm model (Customized Development: help accelerate technology substitution and industrial upgrading)

Learn from the world leading model and process level of Silicon Valley chips in the United States, increase chip intelligent logic, improve chip process level, and benchmark American industry standards and levels in chip algorithm optimization and accuracy;

Combined with Silicon Valley and authoritative experts in the United States, grasp the international advanced technology level and trend, enrich the data model, accurately design, form a closed loop, enhance the added value and technical functions of SMIC, and form the unique technical advantages of the industry;

It has established cooperation with Huaxin Electronics (Optoelectronics, semiconductor chips, LED chips) in the core technology of chip manufacturing and deepened the application of model

Fourth Brain: Metal Data B2M "Brain"
--Customized prediction model of product demand (focusing on new retail industry, data acquisition is relatively easy)

With the help of Metal Data high-precision model, predict the monthly sales of enterprises, accurately calculate their purchase demand, control inventory and fund use, and continuously update the model data and learn independently;

Customers submit orders online, obtain ERP data and calculate production demand with the help of Metal Data three-level system, set relevant product parameters and continuously optimize them, and independently analyze and accurately predict the market demand trend to form a closed loop;

(benchmarking: Alibaba Amoy factory platform - help Tongxiang reduce the payment collection from 2-3 months to 7 days, shorten the delivery cycle from 3 months to 4 days, achieve a customer success rate of 50%, and the turnover jumped from 15 million in 2014 to 50 million in 2017)

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   Model System,
Intelli Equip., New Level 2, Li-Batt

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