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          References Tool

1、Unit Conversion: Three categories are available: Several thousand of units in the "Complete Collection", several hundred of them in the "Frequently Used" category (application default), and over a hundred most frequently used units in the "Selected Unit Conversion Tables " listed below the application form. Both metric units and English unit are covered.
2Patents: Patent contains display, search, etc. especially based on technical terms
3、TechDir: Tech Directory containing 50,000 entries with over 1000 Products/Services
4、Tech Terms: This application provides explanation of metal technical terms (in English). It is a dictionary for the metal technical terms. 
5、Translate: Technical terms can be translated among five languages (English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian). It is a dictionary to translate metal technical terms from one language into another.
6、Grade Cross-Reference: This application allows you to download chemical composition for a given steel/metal grade, or to find equivalent grade in a different country or different system

Selected Unit Conversion Tables
 1. Angle , Length
 2. Area , Volume
 3. Velocity
 4. Volume flow rate
 5. Force ,Power , Toque
 6. Stress , Pressure?

 7. Mass, Density

 8. Mass flow rate , Energy
 9. Energy  , Heat
 10. Electric , Magnetic

Relevant unit types

Here is an example of Chinese Interface (initially developed in USA in English). Select a unit category, and in the two boxes below, put the source unit and destination unit, the system would calculate the number in the Data box. For example, 1 Left unit = XXX right unit, e.g. 1 meter = 1000 millimeter.


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