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Lithium Battery Industry Consulting


Lithium Battery Industry Consulting

Chief consultant Benjamin Li, global technical consultant, German Ph.D. on engineering and US Ph.D. on software, has more than 30 years of practical work experience in the front line of factories in Europe, America and Asia. So far, it has developed and completed more than 100 projects, and has completed more than 100 projects with Metal Pass US colleagues.

If the lithium battery burr exceeds the allowable length, it will lead to lithium battery fire, such as the previous Samsung battery fire and spontaneous combustion during the use of electric vehicles. It is a malignant accident and must be solved.

Through analyzing a series of influencing factors, this project finds out the model describing the burr length of lithium battery, and establishes the burr defect early warning system. In the production process, when the burr level reaches 80% of the maximum allowable level, an early warning will be started, and when it reaches 90%, a strong early warning will be given. This ratio is adjustable in the software.

This is one of the key projects of lithium battery Smart Manufacturing of a large electric vehicle company. Smart Manufacturing requires the intelligence of the system, which is usually predicted by the model, such as the burr length here.

Among the many measures that affect and control the length of slitting burr of lithium battery, controlling the service life of the tool is the key. In production on site, when a knife is used for about a week, it must be replaced to continue grinding. Since the quality of each knife is difficult to be exactly the same, the project wants to determine the service life of each knife through the key factors such as the initial knife notch value and the defect quality of the incoming pole piece in the slitting process.

Due to some problems in the field data structure, for example, the tool number does not exist in the MES database. Therefore, in the time period of obtaining the initial time and end time of a knife, it usually has to be obtained indirectly. The roll numbers of all rolls cut by the knife are currently obtained through the database in the film detector.

So far, it has signed three technical contracts related to lithium batteries with the company. The team is not only the supplier of lithium battery / electric vehicle of the company, but also the supplier of cloud rail technology of the company.

Level 2 control of coating thickness and density of Metal Pass lithium battery Technical examples. Metal Pass burr defect model has extremely high accuracy (a case of a large Lithium Battery factory).

Lithium Battery Manufacturing Optimization Series

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Contact us: Please scan the figure below to add Wechat (e.g. myQQfriend); Tel: 13400064848 or 13430699003; E-mail BLi68@QQ.com. See Profile of the key consultant.



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