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Consulting based on Existing Software System

Metal Pass team mainly carries out technical consulting based on its past business experience, including more than 200 Smart Manufacturing projects completed in various countries around the world, more than 100 models of emerging industries and traditional industries, as well as dozens of various software systems. Related consulting also involves many business areas that often need technical consulting in the design industry.

1. Existing Software Systems

Existing software systems can be summarized as MOSES. It includes MOS Manufacturing Optimization System (MOS), mainly our Level 2 System, and the optimization based on MES data analysis (E), and production Supervisory system (S), as showed below. Several other software system can also be considered the sun-systems of the above mentioned ones.

(Click to enlarge)

The above-mentioned systems are actually our Multi-Level automation systems including Level 1 basic automation system (production supervisory system, Level 2 model and logical system, and Level 3 MES and Level 4 ERP. Primarily it is MOS, i.e. Level 2 system. Our consulting projects in past years mainly in these areas, developing Level 2 system and integrating with MES and ERP.

2. Technical consulting based on our team's Defect Early Warning System products

Before the production of a product is completed, we can predict whether the product will be defective in the future; If yes, the system will give an alarm now, prompting the operator to change the parameter combination or even replace the worn parts, making the product genuine. This is the defect early warning system.

Chinese product quality problems often occur, so technical consulting to optimize product quality is often needed. When problems are found, the developed and mature defect early warning system can be used for technical consulting to reduce defective products.

3. Technical consulting based on the established models

The team has successfully developed more than 100 sets of engineering models for emerging industries and more than 100 sets of engineering models for traditional industries. The main advantage of the team is that it has always maintained the advantage of model accuracy in the competition with its European and American counterparts in the past few decades. The fields with the most model development are lithium battery manufacturing, steel materials and high-end materials manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, and so on. The types of models include empirical models based on the collected online and offline data, numerical models based on finite element method, finite difference method, etc., and digital models for data structure and database definition, etc. Many model development has involved the process, product, equipment and automation of any manufacturing link, which is quite representative. Technical development consulting can be carried out in all the above model fields, as well as technical consulting on the use of these models in software programming architecture.

4. Technical consulting based on other software products of the team

Some of the software products involved by our team in the past are the optimization of existing large-scale software, such as a series of optimization projects that apply microstructure model, intelligent self access and high-end software engineering to industry Level 2s (the application of a new generation of Level 2s). The Level 2 is a typical intelligent system, which applies the Smart Manufacturing agent technology of engineering modeling, machine learning and intelligent system architecture development. The development of large-scale Level 2 may require a team of 20 people to write for 20 years! If the team rewrites based on the existing source program, it only takes 1 / 10 of the time. The optimization and upgrading of the application of Level 2 in iron and steel industry can be described as a case.

The other is based on software products that have been successfully developed or at least architected and developed in the main field. Such as:

(1) The deformation field at any time in the whole production process is calculated by finite difference method. Based on the products used by a large foreign company for many years, the software products have formed a high-quality software system by further model optimization with more than a dozen on-site data collected by it, a total of thousands of pages, and software programming optimization with the advantages of my computer. The software system has been verified by the processing process of South School South treatment, the water cooling process of warm materials, the empty man process with variable temperature field and so on. Almost all temperature field changes or temperature value changes can be consulted based on the calculation of this software.

(2) The demand of material processing deformation process, material deformation and mechanical properties formed based on microstructure model after deformation can be consulted by the calculation results of a series of dozens of related software. Examples of these software include: a design system based on a large number of deformation models, which is used for free design by design engineers, automatic design for engineering design by non design engineers, about five sets at the first level, and other designed software systems; Give the calculation of force and energy parameters into ten sets of software systems in different environments, and so on.

(3) Through flexible application and appropriate expansion of our existing software / APP, the cost performance of the consulting project can be greatly improved. Our team has developed dozens of large and small software systems /APP. See industrial software of Smart Manufacturing/APP part.

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